“It’s OTOD”…Occupational Therapist, Taylor O’Donnell.  Im here to vent about my pursuit of becoming an Occupational Therapy Practitioner, the best wife possible and a (someday) mommy, all the while perpetually trying to master the perfect top knot, and needing 5 more minutes of sleep.

You should know, I always intend the pun and my sarcasm can get out of hand.  I am obsessed with the man I married, and sometimes don’t understand the level he loves me on.  I don’t do the whole “New Years Resolution” thing because who am I kidding, I don’t enjoy setting myself up for failure.  Its October and here I go.  This Blog has been a “to do” for 3 years, I’m just going to do it.  I hope you laugh, sometimes cry, and always smile.  When I watch a movie, its worth is based on the number of emotions I feel between the opening and ending credits… I hope you get every feel possible between the pages of this blog.  Here I am.