Leave us (Barc)alona! 

Oh Barcelona. My feelings about you are so mixed. Its been established that my main goal of this trip was to eat my face off, and I hate to say this (I know some of you will disagree) but my inner foodie was left feeling neglected. I wont say that the food wasn’t good, ill just say that it wasn’t my taste. So after we get to our Air BnB, which was, cozy for lack of a better term, we wandered to Las Rambles street and then turned right back around. We got close enough to realize there was a gigantic protest going on in the streets and decided to bounce. Peaceful or not, the massive crowd was not exactly comforting. The first thing every one told us about this town was to watch out stuff and in crowds, you’ll get pick pocketed. Not wanting to get lost in the crowd (strike one) day one, it was Sangria to the rescue! We found a bar and sipped the rest of the day away. You’ll find as I go on that “sipping” was sort of our theme for Barcelona. 

With sand on the brain (and humidity on the hair) we spent the whole next day at the beach, strolling the boardwalk and sunning our buns. (yes mom, I kept my top on) After we dipped in the Mediterranean we posted up at the bar again and drank daiquiris and watermelon bags till our lips went numb. This day was a success! 

Strike 2 was when we walked to see the famous Parc de Montjuic fountain, and found it lacking splash since it only preforms Wednesday-Sunday. (ugh, Monday) so, as you guessed, beers in the park it is was! 

We visited the massive Cathedral, Sagrada Familia and then climbed what seemed more like a mountain (in the 86% humidity) to the Guell Park which was beautiful and wild. Once the rain came (thanks again humidity) we headed back to the metro to catch our sailboat tour up the coast. Said sailboat tour was what we had looked forward to the entire trip and glorified in our heads to be what we would call “the best day of our trip” when we got home. 

When we got to the Marina we stopped for sangria and wifi to double check our meeting time for the boat. Instead of a meeting time we got a sweet little cancelation notice instead. Strike 3. Not wanting our last day to be ruined we tried to make the best of it and hit the beach instead, until it started pouring rain. Being the troopers we are we thought, whats a little rain, its hot as hell anyways… until the thunder rolled and lightening struck. And back to the bar we went! 

So after 3 days of bummer, we cant say that Barcelona was our favorite, but we also cant say it’s the pretty city’s fault. Barcelona is beautiful and has so much to offer, but at this point, we just really miss our dog and our coffee pot, so its time to go home. 

See you for an over nighter in Madrid, then straight on through till home!!!

Rome, ’cause we want to. 

To the girl at the airport who I barley grazed in the arm with the plastic bin at security, and acted like I punched her in the face…Its not even 8:00am and I haven’t had coffee yet, I seriously don’t have time for you to be fragile. While I’m at it, the lady who walked right past the line for the bathroom and took it upon herself to make sure all the stalls were occupied, you can take a seat as well. I swear I’m not here to complain, Europe is amazing but their lack of gigantic american sized coffee has left me flat and drinking 85 shot glasses of “americano” a day ain’t doin’ it. 

Now that ive given you my daily dose of cynicism, ill brag about my trip to Rome. 

I can honestly say that thus far, Roma has my heart! Its a big city with small town feels. The streets smell like marinara and no one wakes up till 10:00am. (If they had coffee, i’m telling ya, this would rival home) From the first night to the last, every day was filled with fresh pasta, some amazing pesto pizza thing, wine, Peronis, and focaccia for days. Oh and the canolies are worth the trip. Seriously, Ive never put anything better in my mouth. 

We toured the Palenytine, the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. I sat on the steps of the Pantheon where the Roman gods were once worshiped (Thank you Dr. L for making me give a damn). We saw more of the “Good Pope” than we wanted too in St. Peters Basilica (seriously, he’s in a glass coffin and no one warns you) 

Im not going to lie to you. I could have done without the 3 and a half hour tour of the Vatican museum. The Sistine Chapel was…dare I say it, OK, but getting to see St. Peters at the end was a nice finally. The largest Catholic church in the world and let me tell you, its quite spectacular. If Italy knows anything, its food and how to show off with a Church. 

Yesterday, we cruised the streets and then drank ourselves hungry. I taught the bar tender how to make a Moscow mule and Sean threw him for a loop with a Jameson and ginger. 5 drinks later we munched the free appetizers and then wandered off to find dinner.  

After we stuffed ourselves to the brim once more, we were back to the room to re-roll everything in our bag and make room for the treats we bought. The game of Tetris we’ve played before each flight has been interesting. (And our bag is still too heavy by the way). 

So, here we are, in route to Barcelona, with a shot of coffee in us and thats about it. Its our last flight before we fly home. Im sad to say goodbye to Italy and all its glitter but stoked beyond to put my bikini on (the bottoms anyway) and say Hola to España! 

See you there! 


We just boarded the train from Florence, and we are off to Rome (because we want to). Ive got my new hat on my head, my Italian leather bag in my lap and a few extra lbs riding in my mid section (MAN, that lasagna was good).

Florence started with clam linguini and gnocchi to die for. Forgive me but if you haven’t eaten yet, you may not want to read this if you are hungry. 

When we arrived at our hotel we both got starry eyed when we saw the king sized bed and full sized shower. I don’t know what it is about Europeans and tiny showers and the toilets here remind me of camping in the motorhome. But thats all besides the point. 

When we woke up from our first food coma we hit the town, promising ourselves we wouldn’t do the entire city at once like we did in Paris. The San Lorenzo Leather market was our first venture. Essentially the farmers market of purses and bags, but all real italian leather. Taking the advice we got from Karen, we walked the whole market, decided what we needed (a purse for me, obvi) and then walked away. Not until today did I go back and haggle. ($45 purse and I got him down to 35). 

The first day we walked and window shopped, I complained about it being hot and Sean pretended not to be annoyed. Lunch was at a cute little bistro (with misters on the patio). My mushroom ravioli was all time and Sean’s carbonara was good too! Once id been fed (every 3 hours like clock work) we walked some more and ended the night with a slice from the corner Pizzeria and dessert and wine on our hotel terrace. 

Speaking of our hotel terrace, we actually spent a lot of time here. Breakfast every morning and dessert after our long days. The food was wonderful and the view of the Duomo Cathedral was incredible. 

Duomo, a building I cant even describe to you (seriously, Google it). Like every other incredibly amazing thing we have seen on this trip, the photos do no justice. Again, we did the headphone guided tour thing, and were able to see things we otherwise wouldn’t have. After the tour we climbed the 450 steps (through the worlds smallest dark hallways) to the top of the (actually) worlds largest self sustaining Copula (or Dome) in the world. I wont say it was easy or fun to get up there, but the views were worth it. 

When sean asked me, when planning this trip where I wanted to go, my only reply was “wine tasting”. BOY, did my man deliver. At 9:30am we were picked up by our guide and wine expert. By 10:15 we were getting a private tour of the barrel room and rubbing elbows with the winemaker himself. After our tour he took us to the tasting room where we sat at a beautiful table set for a tasting of 4 of his finest. Let me tell you, the Rosé was like nothing either of us could have imagined and the tastings kept getting better. Score one for Italy for having a heavy hand with their “tasting pours” too, id compare it to a small glass at home. 6 bottles being shipped home later, it was off to our next stop. Stop 2 not only came with another hefty helping of fine wine but a 4 course homemade meal from the winemakers wife. Trust me, home made bruschetta, lasagna, wild boar and potatoes, and gelato are definitely the way to clear ones palette between sips. After being rolled to the car we were off to our third stop where we sipped on the patio of another family owned and operated winery. We watched the lightening dance and the thunder and rain roll in and out just as quickly as it came. I can’t put it into words how incredibly special this experience was. When a simple tasting is what you’re expecting and a grand day of tours and special treatment is what you get, you cant help but wonder what you did to deserve it. 

Tipsy and tired we walked to a little place near our hotel where they served only home grown, organic, environmentally friendly products and raised all the beef on the family farm. The platter of steak, potatoes, grilled veggies and fresh bread we got was quite a sight, and yummy to boot. 

This morning we woke up, had our cappuccino and then headed to the laundry mat. Don’t forget, we only brought one suitcase and we’ve been gone for like, ever. 3 loads later, we’re off to check out! A quick swing back to the leather market to get my bag, and we were off to the station. Here we are and there we were. Ill see you soon somewhere else. Caio’ 

The one where we went to Paris

It was raining when we got here, and its chilly this morning. Our last hour in Paris, we’re sitting in a park watching kids sail their tiny boats in the pond and baby ducks scavenge for bugs. It looks like rain, but its said to be done for the day. Its colorful and breezy, a perfect way to finish our coffee and our trip to France.  

When we got here we knew there was a laundry list of things we needed to see and do, 10 miles of walking later, our to-do list had been checked and we had the rest of our stay to drink it all in.  

I always tease Sean for being so into learning the history of things and places and taking the tours. I like to visit places and imagine myself living there and doing as the locals do. Take my time, sip my coffee and wine and just listen. 

Never will there be a time when I walked around Huntington wearing headphone and a receiver around my neck, listening to a guide tell me what used to be. With that being said, marriage is about compromise. So, I put the headphones on and was guided through one of the most interesting and educational tours I could have ever participated in. As we were guided through what once upon a time was the Royal Palace, we saw works of art that have been studied for longer than life and sculptures that were chipped piece by piece from solid blocks into masterpieces. The Louvre tour was truly an experience of a lifetime and I am so glad I wore the headphones and played along. 

The Cathedral of Notre Dame, the river at night, The Eiffel Tower, the chocolate croissants, the macaroons, The Eiffel Tower (worth saying twice) all make Paris magical. 

Last night we cruised the river while we ate appetizers we had no idea what were, and an entrée that made it all better, drank in the scenery and the wine. When the boat turned the corner and the Eiffel Tower lit up the sky, I can honestly say my heart stopped. There are some things you just have to see in person. 

When we got here, I think we were both trying too hard. Trying to make the romance of “Parie” apparent. Once we both took a breath and let it happen, it was all glitter and bubbles from there. 

Here we go, on our way to the airport. 

Au revoir, France! 

Ciao, Italy! 

Amsterdam Fine. 

Who knew that one place on our itinerary that we expected to be mediocre totally surprised us. We came to Amsterdam without much of an expectation other than weed and prostitution being legal. While the Prostitutes are pretty, this town is so much more than that. 

A boat cruise through the canals past the old church, the clock towers and the Holocaust history, Amsterdam has more to offer than people let on. The cheese for one thing is out of this world. 

We walked from our hotel to see the windmill in the city and had beers at the local brewery. After we drank, we continued through the neighborhood and wandered the streets. Once we had a good grip on the Red Light District we grabbed bikes and cycled to the Jordaan District. 

The Jordaan district is one for the books, a quiet city town with cafés along the canals. A special treat was meeting up with my sister, Chey’s best friend who lives here with her boyfriend. Having a local on your side is always helpful. The couple took us around and cheers-ed us in quaint cafés and drank the local sips with us. What a town! 

As we sit here at the train station, in route to Paris we cant help but reminisce on the last 2 days as 2 for the books! 

Sad to leave such a gem, but excited to keep on our journey. We will kiss Amsterdam and english goodbye and say bonjour to Paris! 

Cheers to the Netherlands. 


So im sitting in the Dublin airport, eating chocolate for breakfast (leave me alone, I’m on holiday) and I realize…I’m wearing white pants (and I’m a very pretty man!… Ignore the reference if you don’t know my brother) I mean, its before Labor day, if that even applies here (doubtful). I’m drinking coffee and eating chocolate so this could go terribly wrong. Anyways, we are leaving Ireland. Last I checked in we were leaving Dublin on our way to up the Coast to the land of the O’Donnells. We have since traveled to Donegal, Galway, Doolin, and the Cliffs of Moher (and everywhere in between). Let me tell you, its like nothing you’ve ever seen before (unless you’ve been here, obvi). Donegal is the cutest little town where you drink all day and need to time your meals right because they only serve food between the drinking hours of always and food from 12:00-9:00pm. I walked the O’Donnell Castle grounds, payed respects to those past at ruins of the Donegal Friary and the cliffs of Sleeve League are something special, even in the rain. After biding farewell to our hosts Patricia and Hughe in Donegal we headed south to Doolin, music county of Ireland. Before we stopped in Doolin we ate and walked along Shop street in Galway and hummed Ed Sheerans “Galway Girl” to our tourist selves.  

Once in Doolin, it was fogged in and cold but we headed for McGanns pup for Irish beef stew and a pint. While we drank our Irish brews we listened to the local musicians join in a jam session as all 5 of them made their instruments sounds like one in the same. 

In the morning after cinnamon Pancakes and a traditional latte we headed (on the left) to the Cliffs of Moher. If you haven’t ever lived on the edge, this is the place to do it. If ever something had taken my breath away it was the kiss Sean gave me on the peak of what felt like the world. Looking over the edge at the ocean was one more reason to believe in God. You can look at our photos all day long but you really wont know the power of this place unless you see it for yourself. 

Yesterday’s oyster shooters were interesting (sean loves them) I had never had one, but the Smithwicks Blonde I chased it with made it all better. Cant say oysters are my favorite but the fact that they are an aphrodisiac may come in handy some day. 

After driving nearly half of the entire country of Ireland, the slice of pizza and Netflix episodes in the airport hotel were a small slice of home that felt just right. 

Amazed by what has been and excited for what’s to come. 

We’re boarding again soon and will meet ya in The Netherlands. Chat soon, in Amsterdam. 

Dublin Down.

We’ve done it. The O’Donnell’s have done Dublin and are off to Donegal. It was awesome but like most things in life it came with a few more, “are you fucking kidding me” moments than we would have asked for. Let’s start with our first flight from LAX to Heathrow, London being an hour and a half late, yay. Hour and a half late to Heathrow means landing an hour late too, crap. I will say, that had we landed on time we still would have been in desperate shape considering that the Heathrow airport is the largest cluster fuck I’ve seen this side of Vegas. Trust me, it was an experience in itself, but the “I’m sorry” beer vouchers from the airline gave us a glimmer of hope. 

After re-booking our flight to Dublin, an hour and a half into our one hour layover, we went wheels up. I cant even tell you how deep of a breath we both took when we landed. MADE IT!! Until we remembered that they drive on the left in Ireland and we had to go pick up the car. So we get the car after figuring out how far the “just 200 meters” down the row of cars was, and I get in the drivers seat, I mean passenger. Can I just say, THANK GOD for my husband, because driving a stick-shift left handed on the left side of the road was made to look easy! 

Finally on our way to the AirB&B and naturally we got lost and circled around the building 3 times, but not before getting pulled over for not having any headlights on and apparently its a no, no to turn left on a red light. Who knew! Luckily the officers were incredibly nice, we all had a good giggle at our American expense and we were back on our way. Once we found it I swear we both did the Irish jig we were so happy. Sean grabs the key from under the mat, unlocks the door and…. the door is chained. At this point I think we both almost cried. Did I mention its cold at night here, yeah. So we sat on the porch freezing and pretty much assuming defeat. One of the neighbors came outside who happened to be the husband of our B&B host (angel of a man) and we ended up getting in. Our host basically broke into her own building, and we got to meet our housemate. 

After one of the deepest night sleeps I have had in weeks, and Sean’s 5 minute power nap, it was time to explore Dublin. 

Sean parallel parked the car like a stud, and we headed to brunch at, The Bakehouse. the cutest bakery and diner, just in front of the river. We ate breakfast and then cruised around the Temple Bar district. After walking around a bit we headed to the Jameson Irish Whiskey Distillery. The light in Sean’s eyes as we learned the history of Irish whiskey was something else. History and whiskey in Ireland, his ultimate trifecta! I got to look and learn and pretend to sip whiskey at the tasting, and then finally got my cocktail at the end! 

After whiskey we wandered to lunch. Fish and Chips and a Pint, yum! 

We headed back to the B&B for a nap and more deodorant. Seriously, BO is an issue people. I think smelling everyone else made us self-conscious and hyper aware to where we may be over deodorized that this point. So, I napped, Sean pretended to (no, he hasn’t slept a wink this whole time) and then we walked to a Pub. 

Murray’s Traditional Irish Pub. Live music and dancing, seafood chowder and 2 more rounds of Jameson and Ginger-ale. A perfect ending to the beginning of our adventure! 

All in all, Dublin is a pretty rad cross between LA and San Francisco with a cooler accent! It doesn’t get dark till 10:00pm, so much time for activities! We enjoyed our time in the city, but we are stoked and ready to hit the left side of the road and see the countryside! Tomorrow, it is off to, Donegal. 

Ill keep ya posted as we go, try to keep up! 

Climate Change.

It’s here. Dirty feet, sweaty legs and sandy sheets.  I truly love all things that are summer.  Speaking of, really fast I want to talk about the gigantic mutated June bug resting outside my door.  I am all about the little orange dog treats but I kid you not, this one looks like something went wrong during hibernation and now it is here upon us to prove something.  But, any who.

My last final has been taken, my “desk” has moved from the couch to the patio and it is time for a climate change.  I’m not only talking about the weather, or politics for that matter (are we serious with that whole debacle?). Im talking about the awkward change in my minds climate.  I went from two weeks ago craving nothing more than to do nothing…”I wish I didn’t have homework to do so I could…(endless possibilities). Today I sat at home all day with not a damn thing in the world to do. Bored out of my flipping mind.  I can only wonder if this is a case of “careful what you wish for”, or go “get a life”.  There is one thing I did today.  I went to (not Nordstrom or the Nike store) but, Shoe City.  Of all places. I felt like I was back to school shopping for the 4th grade, looking for something to hold up on the playground.  Being married to the real life version of Phil Dunphy has (horrifyingly) begun to rub off on me and I bought a pair of so-called “sensible” walking shoes that wont give me blisters on our European walk-about this summer.  The less embarrassing version of this short story is, “I got a super cute pair of Nike’s today!”.  Lets just go with that and forget the rest.

Sean has made it very clear that it needs to be (at least attempted) to only pack one carry on bag each.  5 Countries. 23-days. In Europe. In the summer. 8-hour wine tasting tour in Tuscany, Italy included and this guy wants me to bring one bag.  Lord help me its a damn good thing he is hot! Fret not, I’m already plotting to pull a Joey Tribbiai in (The one where no one’s ready) and wear everything I own on the plane, so I don’t have to actually pack it.  I’ll keep you posted on any other pacing hacks I acquire.

Speaking of that climate change, I’m not going to lie the marine layer and June gloom we’ve had lingering on around here will not be missed when we’re sunning on the sail boat in Barcelona, or wine tasting in sunny Tuscany.  Sorry, Im not meaning to sound show-offy.  But then again, maybe I am. I’ve had a bad case of the womanhood blues this week and maybe I just need to feel superior.  I had a bit of a Jan Brady day (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha).  So there. Im going to Europe, with my sexy husband this summer, and you can’t come. Go ahead, be Jealous.

My glass is empty and I need to let Netflix know that “yes, I’m still watching”.  I hope you miss me, I’ll be back next week to brag about my fabulous shopping party at VICI Collection, stay tuned.

Come on, Keto.

Good news, I found my rainbow sandal and both grandpa’s are fighting harder than ever and spit firing feisty comebacks like its nothin’.

Speaking of heart issues, ill save the bleeding love story for later, but lets talk about the actual beat of my heart.  Gramma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and even some of my friends have heart issues.  Again, I’m pretty much pre-disposed to be diagnosed as a walking time bomb, which is why I’m taking charge now.

I told you before that I watched a documentary that told me how products that don’t meet the standards of FDA in China (things like Baby shampoo), for having too many dangerous chemicals are shipped to America to be sold on the shelves as “Approved”.  WTF!? So that’s partially where my, no more lotion, coconut oil slathering, essential oil covered, aluminum free deodorant-self is coming from there. But I want to chat about steps I’ve been taking to better myself on the inside. And I’m not talking about emotionally, that’s a whole other doctor’s appointment.

One of my best Gal’s introduced me to this (I don’t wanna call it a diet) way of eating that made absolutely zero sense to me at first. The Ketogenic Diet.  I will admit that at first the fact that she adopted these eating habits to better her health, but she shed pounds like melting butter, was the most appealing.  So that is honestly why I wanted to try it.

Welcome to the world of Keto.  When your friend tells you that you can lose weight while eating bacon with cheese and sour cream on top as much as you want, you tend to listen.  After she explained the basics to me it started to make sense.

As I understood Keto (At first, I have since done lots of research and understand in much more depth now) is that when you deprive your body of simple-carbohydrates (Bread, pasta, pizza, everything wonderful in life) and Sugar, that your body then has nothing left to burn but fat, hence the weight loss.

The example I like to use is this.  Think of it this way, you make a huge breakfast.  Pancakes, eggs, bacon, the works.  When you fry the bacon, afterwords the grease in the bacon pan is going to sit there and harden and I’m sure you’ve been told “That is what it’s doing in your arteries”. Which is correct. The reason this is what is happening in your arteries is because by the time your body has a chance to even think about digesting that pancake, the bacon has already paid first and last months rent and has settled in for the long haul.  When you eat the pancake, its gong to take your body an extreme amount of effort to turn that pancake (simple-Carb, and I won’t even get into the fact that the flour you used to make that pancake has BLEACH in it!) into glucose and then for your body to start using it as energy. This is why some athletes will “Carb Load” the night before an event.  Eat a ton of carbs, sleep on it, then burn it all of the next morning.  Well, for those of you who aren’t Michael Phelps, I can guarantee you that you aren’t burning off that entire pancake by the time lunch rolls around and you eat a sandwich on a french roll and start this process over again.  Lets say that you skip the pancake and simply just have the bacon.  Your body is going to burn that bacon fat off (instead of the sugar in the pancake) while it’s still hot and liquid, leaving no time or room for it to sit and harden in your arteries.  Moral of this long-winded example, if you cut the carbs, your body is going to burn fat instead and not only will you not be clogging your arteries, you’ll be shedding the extra bloat, water retention and painful belly aches after every meal.

So now that I’ve got you thinking about bacon, ill let you know about my journey this far.  At the beginning of the year I stepped on the scale and nearly had a heart attack (probably because I had pancakes the day before).  The number on the scale was so incredibly high that I was in true denial.  I am not one to weigh myself a whole lot but after seeing countless photos of myself where my reaction was “Omg, Ew” I thought I should maybe check-in.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, which pretty much means that I paid thousands of dollars for people to teach me about the human body and how to keep it upright and moving. I know what to do, I just needed a jumpstart and some motivation.  Something needed to change. My friend recommended that I try out her gym, OrangeTheory, and I have been obsessed ever since.  I started going just once a week and made it my Friday morning ritual.  A few months later Keto came into my life and I have since upped my OrangeTheory workouts to three times a week.  In a matter of months, I have lost 13lbs and finally feel so much better about myself and just better in general.

I told you this was going to be a story all about how my life got flipped…. sorry, I got caught up.  But seriously, this is about how Keto is going to help you live a longer life and not become a victim of heart attack.  Since you have been brain washed into believing that you should eat whole grain pasta instead of a juicy steak for dinner, I highly suggest your read this article, written by a heart surgeon who admittedly states, he was WRONG! Even if you don’t want to eat Keto, a doctor admitting to being wrong, that’s enticing enough in itself.  So don’t take my word for it, go on, read it.

Lets chat later over sourcream and sharp chedder.

Where Have I Been All of Your Life?

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Where ever she is, I’m probably with her.  Sorry for the drop off.  You know when your driving and your like, shit where the hell am I going.. that’s kinda how I’ve been navigating life.  Compartmentalizing has been failing me, probably because all of my compartments are full.  Not one, but Both Grandpa’s health is on the fritz, my own uterus is trying to sabotage me and I’m not sure where my other rainbow sandal is.  The sandal may seem minuscule but it seems to be the most concrete issue, for today.

I’ll elaborate a bit on my uterus problems (choose to skip ahead if you wish).  It’s no secret that “I get it from my mama”,  but there are (more than) a few things I’m hoping I got from my dad.   My tterus and my boobs, mostly.  Tam had breast cancer, twice (She is a stud).  As of late my uterus has been trying to pry itself out of me with a crow bar, and my boobs are pretty much on the same page (glad someone is).  So I go to see the Gyno (yay)..Sean came and held my hand…He even left work to be there with me (KING!) and long story short, I leave with a referral for a mammogram, an ultrasound (not the baby kind) and an appointment with her boss for further discussion.

Let me ask you, If someone could tell you if you were (possibly) going to get cancer, would you want to know? Your immediate answer was probably, “Duh!”.  Well leave it to me to say “Fuck That”.  Since I got my first training bra, I have had it rightfully drilled into me that regular breast exams and knowing your body is at the top of the to do list.  I get it, my risk of cancer is like 100. But with this knowledge, I am already so vigilant about it, why do I want one more “gene” test telling me what I already know.  Which brings me to my “Brca-Brca-1-9” question.  Do I or don’t I.  I have always thought, why get tested, I’m already aware it’s possible, why (possibly) have one more reason to sit around and wait for cancer to show up.  Well, Im going to get the damn test.  It was really important to my husband to have the information and I know (whatever the results may be) it will only help me stay on top of my check ups.  When it comes to catching cancer, trust me I’ll have reflexes like a cat.  On the uterus side of things, I am in so much pain I am sure this is some sort of karma I’m paying for.  Whatever It was that I did, seriously, I’m sorry, just make it stop.  Although you cannot have a for sure diagnosis of endometriosis without having surgery, all signs are pointing, blinking, neon glowing, and shouting YES!  The pain I have been in is debilitating.  Let me put it this way, I was walking Gypsy the other day, and basically crawled home and almost puked in my neighbor’s front yard because I was in so much pain.  It’s just not right.

So, I’m sorry for probably telling you way too much about my lady bits, but that’s why I’ve been MIA.  Im trying to manage pain, cancer (not me), kidney failure (not me), a weak heart (also not me), a puppy, and not knowing what time it is.  I promise to stay close, you don’t know it yet, but you really are helping. Sometimes It helps just to type it.  Thanks for being here for me.

Before I go, Have you ever smoked a cigarette? I have.  (less than 5 times in my life, relax).  It’s the grossest, most disgusting thing possible, and yet sometimes people crave them.  And ya know what, it might just help.  I wouldn’t recommend this on the daily, but today I had a craving.  A craving for a Frappachino.  A Mocha Frappachino.  I haven’t had a frappachino (or a cigarette) in years.  And I did it.  I ordered a mocha frappachino (with whip) and I enjoyed the hell out of it.  So like I said, I don’t agree with it on the regular but don’t forget, sometimes ya just have to unplug your iPhone charger and use the cigarette lighter for its intended purpose because you’re stressed out God, dammit!