Climate Change.

It’s here. Dirty feet, sweaty legs and sandy sheets.  I truly love all things that are summer.  Speaking of, really fast I want to talk about the gigantic mutated June bug resting outside my door.  I am all about the little orange dog treats but I kid you not, this one looks like something went wrong during hibernation and now it is here upon us to prove something.  But, any who.

My last final has been taken, my “desk” has moved from the couch to the patio and it is time for a climate change.  I’m not only talking about the weather, or politics for that matter (are we serious with that whole debacle?). Im talking about the awkward change in my minds climate.  I went from two weeks ago craving nothing more than to do nothing…”I wish I didn’t have homework to do so I could…(endless possibilities). Today I sat at home all day with not a damn thing in the world to do. Bored out of my flipping mind.  I can only wonder if this is a case of “careful what you wish for”, or go “get a life”.  There is one thing I did today.  I went to (not Nordstrom or the Nike store) but, Shoe City.  Of all places. I felt like I was back to school shopping for the 4th grade, looking for something to hold up on the playground.  Being married to the real life version of Phil Dunphy has (horrifyingly) begun to rub off on me and I bought a pair of so-called “sensible” walking shoes that wont give me blisters on our European walk-about this summer.  The less embarrassing version of this short story is, “I got a super cute pair of Nike’s today!”.  Lets just go with that and forget the rest.

Sean has made it very clear that it needs to be (at least attempted) to only pack one carry on bag each.  5 Countries. 23-days. In Europe. In the summer. 8-hour wine tasting tour in Tuscany, Italy included and this guy wants me to bring one bag.  Lord help me its a damn good thing he is hot! Fret not, I’m already plotting to pull a Joey Tribbiai in (The one where no one’s ready) and wear everything I own on the plane, so I don’t have to actually pack it.  I’ll keep you posted on any other pacing hacks I acquire.

Speaking of that climate change, I’m not going to lie the marine layer and June gloom we’ve had lingering on around here will not be missed when we’re sunning on the sail boat in Barcelona, or wine tasting in sunny Tuscany.  Sorry, Im not meaning to sound show-offy.  But then again, maybe I am. I’ve had a bad case of the womanhood blues this week and maybe I just need to feel superior.  I had a bit of a Jan Brady day (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha).  So there. Im going to Europe, with my sexy husband this summer, and you can’t come. Go ahead, be Jealous.

My glass is empty and I need to let Netflix know that “yes, I’m still watching”.  I hope you miss me, I’ll be back next week to brag about my fabulous shopping party at VICI Collection, stay tuned.

Come on, Keto.

Good news, I found my rainbow sandal and both grandpa’s are fighting harder than ever and spit firing feisty comebacks like its nothin’.

Speaking of heart issues, ill save the bleeding love story for later, but lets talk about the actual beat of my heart.  Gramma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and even some of my friends have heart issues.  Again, I’m pretty much pre-disposed to be diagnosed as a walking time bomb, which is why I’m taking charge now.

I told you before that I watched a documentary that told me how products that don’t meet the standards of FDA in China (things like Baby shampoo), for having too many dangerous chemicals are shipped to America to be sold on the shelves as “Approved”.  WTF!? So that’s partially where my, no more lotion, coconut oil slathering, essential oil covered, aluminum free deodorant-self is coming from there. But I want to chat about steps I’ve been taking to better myself on the inside. And I’m not talking about emotionally, that’s a whole other doctor’s appointment.

One of my best Gal’s introduced me to this (I don’t wanna call it a diet) way of eating that made absolutely zero sense to me at first. The Ketogenic Diet.  I will admit that at first the fact that she adopted these eating habits to better her health, but she shed pounds like melting butter, was the most appealing.  So that is honestly why I wanted to try it.

Welcome to the world of Keto.  When your friend tells you that you can lose weight while eating bacon with cheese and sour cream on top as much as you want, you tend to listen.  After she explained the basics to me it started to make sense.

As I understood Keto (At first, I have since done lots of research and understand in much more depth now) is that when you deprive your body of simple-carbohydrates (Bread, pasta, pizza, everything wonderful in life) and Sugar, that your body then has nothing left to burn but fat, hence the weight loss.

The example I like to use is this.  Think of it this way, you make a huge breakfast.  Pancakes, eggs, bacon, the works.  When you fry the bacon, afterwords the grease in the bacon pan is going to sit there and harden and I’m sure you’ve been told “That is what it’s doing in your arteries”. Which is correct. The reason this is what is happening in your arteries is because by the time your body has a chance to even think about digesting that pancake, the bacon has already paid first and last months rent and has settled in for the long haul.  When you eat the pancake, its gong to take your body an extreme amount of effort to turn that pancake (simple-Carb, and I won’t even get into the fact that the flour you used to make that pancake has BLEACH in it!) into glucose and then for your body to start using it as energy. This is why some athletes will “Carb Load” the night before an event.  Eat a ton of carbs, sleep on it, then burn it all of the next morning.  Well, for those of you who aren’t Michael Phelps, I can guarantee you that you aren’t burning off that entire pancake by the time lunch rolls around and you eat a sandwich on a french roll and start this process over again.  Lets say that you skip the pancake and simply just have the bacon.  Your body is going to burn that bacon fat off (instead of the sugar in the pancake) while it’s still hot and liquid, leaving no time or room for it to sit and harden in your arteries.  Moral of this long-winded example, if you cut the carbs, your body is going to burn fat instead and not only will you not be clogging your arteries, you’ll be shedding the extra bloat, water retention and painful belly aches after every meal.

So now that I’ve got you thinking about bacon, ill let you know about my journey this far.  At the beginning of the year I stepped on the scale and nearly had a heart attack (probably because I had pancakes the day before).  The number on the scale was so incredibly high that I was in true denial.  I am not one to weigh myself a whole lot but after seeing countless photos of myself where my reaction was “Omg, Ew” I thought I should maybe check-in.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, which pretty much means that I paid thousands of dollars for people to teach me about the human body and how to keep it upright and moving. I know what to do, I just needed a jumpstart and some motivation.  Something needed to change. My friend recommended that I try out her gym, OrangeTheory, and I have been obsessed ever since.  I started going just once a week and made it my Friday morning ritual.  A few months later Keto came into my life and I have since upped my OrangeTheory workouts to three times a week.  In a matter of months, I have lost 13lbs and finally feel so much better about myself and just better in general.

I told you this was going to be a story all about how my life got flipped…. sorry, I got caught up.  But seriously, this is about how Keto is going to help you live a longer life and not become a victim of heart attack.  Since you have been brain washed into believing that you should eat whole grain pasta instead of a juicy steak for dinner, I highly suggest your read this article, written by a heart surgeon who admittedly states, he was WRONG! Even if you don’t want to eat Keto, a doctor admitting to being wrong, that’s enticing enough in itself.  So don’t take my word for it, go on, read it.

Lets chat later over sourcream and sharp chedder.

Where Have I Been All of Your Life?

Where in the world is Carmen San Diego? Where ever she is, I’m probably with her.  Sorry for the drop off.  You know when your driving and your like, shit where the hell am I going.. that’s kinda how I’ve been navigating life.  Compartmentalizing has been failing me, probably because all of my compartments are full.  Not one, but Both Grandpa’s health is on the fritz, my own uterus is trying to sabotage me and I’m not sure where my other rainbow sandal is.  The sandal may seem minuscule but it seems to be the most concrete issue, for today.

I’ll elaborate a bit on my uterus problems (choose to skip ahead if you wish).  It’s no secret that “I get it from my mama”,  but there are (more than) a few things I’m hoping I got from my dad.   My tterus and my boobs, mostly.  Tam had breast cancer, twice (She is a stud).  As of late my uterus has been trying to pry itself out of me with a crow bar, and my boobs are pretty much on the same page (glad someone is).  So I go to see the Gyno (yay)..Sean came and held my hand…He even left work to be there with me (KING!) and long story short, I leave with a referral for a mammogram, an ultrasound (not the baby kind) and an appointment with her boss for further discussion.

Let me ask you, If someone could tell you if you were (possibly) going to get cancer, would you want to know? Your immediate answer was probably, “Duh!”.  Well leave it to me to say “Fuck That”.  Since I got my first training bra, I have had it rightfully drilled into me that regular breast exams and knowing your body is at the top of the to do list.  I get it, my risk of cancer is like 100. But with this knowledge, I am already so vigilant about it, why do I want one more “gene” test telling me what I already know.  Which brings me to my “Brca-Brca-1-9” question.  Do I or don’t I.  I have always thought, why get tested, I’m already aware it’s possible, why (possibly) have one more reason to sit around and wait for cancer to show up.  Well, Im going to get the damn test.  It was really important to my husband to have the information and I know (whatever the results may be) it will only help me stay on top of my check ups.  When it comes to catching cancer, trust me I’ll have reflexes like a cat.  On the uterus side of things, I am in so much pain I am sure this is some sort of karma I’m paying for.  Whatever It was that I did, seriously, I’m sorry, just make it stop.  Although you cannot have a for sure diagnosis of endometriosis without having surgery, all signs are pointing, blinking, neon glowing, and shouting YES!  The pain I have been in is debilitating.  Let me put it this way, I was walking Gypsy the other day, and basically crawled home and almost puked in my neighbor’s front yard because I was in so much pain.  It’s just not right.

So, I’m sorry for probably telling you way too much about my lady bits, but that’s why I’ve been MIA.  Im trying to manage pain, cancer (not me), kidney failure (not me), a weak heart (also not me), a puppy, and not knowing what time it is.  I promise to stay close, you don’t know it yet, but you really are helping. Sometimes It helps just to type it.  Thanks for being here for me.

Before I go, Have you ever smoked a cigarette? I have.  (less than 5 times in my life, relax).  It’s the grossest, most disgusting thing possible, and yet sometimes people crave them.  And ya know what, it might just help.  I wouldn’t recommend this on the daily, but today I had a craving.  A craving for a Frappachino.  A Mocha Frappachino.  I haven’t had a frappachino (or a cigarette) in years.  And I did it.  I ordered a mocha frappachino (with whip) and I enjoyed the hell out of it.  So like I said, I don’t agree with it on the regular but don’t forget, sometimes ya just have to unplug your iPhone charger and use the cigarette lighter for its intended purpose because you’re stressed out God, dammit!

little full, lot of sap.

Here is the deal, there are 168 hours in a week and about 300 of those hours are spent working or at school between Sean and I both.  You are here reading this, so you know how obsessed we are with each other, and how incredibly indecent it is that there isn’t a designated day of the week just for your lover.  So, in order to reconnect, I bit the bullet and scheduled a day at the spa because lets face it, we don’t really have time to go anywhere far (this week anyway).  In our very own backyard, let me tell you about the not so hidden gem that is the Aarna Spa at Pasea Hotel, in Huntington Beach.


I’ll begin this lesson with telling you that I don’t love massages. Plain and simple, if it isn’t Sean, I don’t want to be touched, just no.  Sean on the other hand, loves them, go figure.  I figured that If I scheduled us a couples massage, at least I’d get to lay next to him and pretend.  Hear me when I say, this was the best massage I have ever had.  The yummy essential oil blends tailed to our likings were like icing on the cake of this full body rub down and every second was heaven.



After 50 minutes of bliss we headed outside to my personal new favorite spot.  The tucked away garden is complete with a gorgeously subtle water feature and fire pits, nestled between the comfy, cozy lounges where we laid hand in hand for a solid hour.  I’m pretty much as California as they come, and let me tell you, no one craves sunshine quite like I do. I laid, with the sun in my face, holding my husband’s hand, for an hour.  Try to tell me I’m not annoyingly spoiled.  I realize I’m over loading you with my casual bragging, but ill continue.


After we ramped up our vitamin D intake for the day, we headed to our separate, secluded spa’s where we relaxed with champagne in the jacoozies, followed by an amazing steam where I’m convinced I sweated out a years worth of alcohol and finished off in the most incredibly jetted, rain shower I’ve ever seen.


As I exited the shower I was informed that my handsome husband was waiting for me at their treehouse bar of Tanner’s restaurant where I met him after I got completely ready with all the house products provided by Aarna.


I know your are ready to book you spa day, and please do, here is the link, Click Me! … But as you do, remember why we did it.  If Sean and I didn’t take advantage of days like this, we’re bound to slide off the door and sink to the bottom with the rest of the wreckage.  Take time to enjoy each other.  We are only in our first year of marriage and we have already been thrown 10th anniversary tests and trials.  “Change the weather, still together when it ends.” There isn’t anything that is ever going to separate me from my man, because we made a vow in front of our families and God, that when we start to slide off the door, were going to reward ourselves with 7 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.  I know I just threw a lot of strategic movie plots at you but bottom line, love eachother first, stress out later.


Small bites.

One of my dearest called the other day after I didn’t respond to like 5 of her texts.  She was worried I was floating somewhere in the Pacific.  Nope, I’m here.  I’d love to tell you I was on another vacation, but that isn’t until next week, and Im not even sure I have time for it.  None the less, I am as alive as ever and handling the rapid fire from the life firing squad like a boss. Life is like that. It likes to give you reminders that your mom wasnt making shit up when she told you not to stick your finger in the hole in your sweater, because it would get bigger, or not to pick your scab because it would scar.  I sit here and say this with a hole in my leggings and giant scar on my knee from 6th grade. I wont tell you that I don’t have moments when driving home from one thing or another and think about pulling into the cliffs parking lot to watch people surf, and forget who I am, but I havent gotten to that level of cray yet.  I miss things like Parker snuggles, and lunch dates but I know they will come back, just as soon as I take over the world.

I am currently running on like 5 minutes (over the last week) of sleep and only one cup of coffee, and it was from a Kurig, so technically it only counts as like 1/4 of a real cup.  Seriously what is it with these machines, fill the damn cup! Moving on, I think the saying is, “spreading myself too thin” but I refuse to accept that as actuality.  I am up to 2 days a week in classes, 4 hours a week at fieldwork, 2 days watching the kiddos and 2 day at the hospital, and like maybe 20 minutes a week of hubby time, oh and Orangetheory butt kickin’ 3 days a week. I’d like to sleep now, but I guess ill do it later.  In the last 3 weeks Gypsy has been to the vet no less than 27 times and she still wears a plastic crown that is less than sparkly.  Call me gun-shy but I’m not thinking out next pet will be getting “fixed” because this time around they seemed to have broken her.  Everytime I tun around someone else I love has cancer and I getting pretty tired of that too.  If I go miss again, call Olivia Pope, Sean and I are probably in the sun with her and Jake, living under an alias.

I keep getting told to slow down, but its turning into the same as getting told to behave.  (Talk about a trigger word) Don’t tell me what to do.  I am stupid busy, but I’m thriving.  Why should I slow down? So I can sit on the couch and watch SVU?  Yes, I do love those days but you give me shit for that too so, I’m taking the win and not going to let you be the boss of me.  Im Bossy and I like it.  Why can’t I have 3 totally different dreams from 5 different ends of one spectrum? My wedding was a cake mix why can’t my life be?  Keep on, keepin’ on.  I may or may not know what day it is, but my grades are good, I am really good at my jobs, im killin’ it at life and I must say, I am a stellar wife.  I was always “Team Kristin” in high school and I’ve gotta give it to her, she balances in heels like a champ, so i’m trying to walk down the aisle in her shoes.  (literally and figuratively, have you seen her new chinese Laundry line? Amaze)

Lately life has been one big box of chocolates, that I can’t eat.  I started down the keto rabbit home and ive gotten lost somewhere between the almond butter aisle and where they keep the coconut oil.  It has been really hard breaking off my love affair with pizza, but ive dropped 6 lbs and don’t mind getting to gorge on cheese and filet as much as I want.   I know, you’re going to tell me that keto isnt long-term and the minute I eat a cookie im going to gain back double what I lose.  Again, dont tell me what to do. Go ahead and enjoy your pizza when I post a photo in a thong this summer, somewhere on a beach in the south of France.  I’ll give you all the advice you want, but apply it to your own life.  It’s the only way we are going to make it. Like I tell Rae at the dinner table, worry about yourself and your own plate, I can see Bri too.  I got this.  I promise I’m not yelling at you, but some times we all need a little tough love.  Just “be yourseeeeeeelf, be your seeeeeeelf”, and dont worry about the girl in the car next to you.

I’ve got to go, there is a toddler crying, a timer going off, an assignement due, a patient who needs help up and Sean is calling.  Chat soon.

All my Glitter, in the dirt.

A bunch of my best babes are racking in the bling, and somewhere Bruno Mars is Racking in the residuals.  As you know, wedded bliss from start to finish is my personal favorite and a sort of specialty.  I am a fan of sharing, so I thought I spread some glitter.  Sean and I were married on May 7, 2016, at 4:30 in the afternoon, at my Grandpa’s Home, overlooking the vineyard in Temecula, Ca. Choosing a venue was simple for us because of the sentimental and awe factor of my incredible family home. Built from the dirt up by my Mamaw and Grandpa’s own hands, this property means more to us than any other.  Since the venue was a no brainer, I was able to get down to business on finding dress perfection.  After going to West Hollywood to meet the unimaginably perfect specimen that is, Miss Hayley Paige at JLM Couture Bridal Boutique, It was at Blush Bridal Couture, in Tustin where I said (HELL) yes, to my very own Hayley Paige original couture “STAR” gown.  Hayley, you truly are something of a super nova.



Before we began hardcore planning, Sean and I each sat down and talked about the (really) important details that each of us needed to not be spared.  We are head over heels in love, obsessed with each other and knew we didn’t (NEED) to have the event of the century, but at the same time, knew our love deserved it.


I was raised with the ideals that there is never an excuse for fake flowers, so I knew bouquets and centerpieces were not to be skimped on.  Bloom Babes made every blooming wish I had come true.  Between The Babes and my Auntie, our wedding was in full bloom of May flowers, no thanks to lack of April showers. Sean had his heart set on a “make-it-yourself” whiskey bar, and cigars were to be had.  Aside from the florals, It was really important for me to get ready, at the hands of my personal glam gal, Jade Ricketson of @Hairby_Jade, in the master bathroom where my Mamaw did so many times before. To be able to feel her presence and blessings as I prepared for the day (and man) of my dreams was indescribable.





The vision for what we like to call “The O’Donnell’s Wine Knot” was a little bit of a cake mix.  In a (not so) elegant, natural, dirt covered environment, there was to be crystal cake stands, glitter, shimmer and shine.  There was something about a couture ball gown and a man clad in a Vera Wang, in the dirt of a vineyard before the summer harvest that just tickled me.  I saw a soft pink pallet, with bold kicks of black and white stripe.  Both hard and soft, pale and bold, dirty and pristine.  It might sounds like I wanted one hell of a mess, but trust me, all is fair in love and wedding planning.




A word to the wise, make sure you decide what really matters (your love first and for most) at your wedding, and then chose things that although may be traditional, maybe don’t fit your personal flow.  Pictures are worth more than 1,000 words and last a lifetime so choosing a photographer was another no brainer.  The incredible Nikki Carlson of  Nikki Carlson Photography  had done our engagement shoot (total surprise arranged by Sean) and she was hands down the one we wanted.  A traditional 8 teared wedding cake covered in sucky frosting wasn’t for us, and who really wants to stop dancing to watch someone eat (awkward). We went with 3 “House Cakes” from our local SLICE Deli and Cakery, and of course had Gramma whip up about 6 of her famous “Texas Cakes” to cut into bit sizes.  At a time in the night (if you were there I’m sure you never even knew) Sean and I snuck out of the mosh pit and cut a piece for Nikki to photograph and then straight back to the dance floor we went. No one missed a beat, and everyone got dessert! We have photos to prove it.




Another seriously important thing for us to share with our guests was an open bar. Countless discussions later, we decided to hire out. No muss, no fuss.  When in doubt, have someone do it for you!  Instead of getting our own kegs, and providing all the alcohol, and hiring someone to tend the bar, after all the calculations and logistics, hiring a full service bar was the way to go.  We chose a “soft” open bar that included Beer, Wine, soda, water, cups, napkins, all the other good stuff and ICE! (DONT FORGET ICE) a seriously over looked  detail that you should remember to delegate ahead of time if you choose to man your own bar.


When it came to catering, as good as a $1,000 for a taco man sounded, we knew we didn’t want to eat tacos, while we drank Cabernet on a vineyard.  Somehow the feng shui was off. Again, shopping local venders we found an amazing BBQ catering company (who had a firefighter discount, SCORE). With  Pete’s Firehouse BBQ we got all the fixin’s, including a mouth-watering tri-tip carving station, BBQ chicken, vegetarian options, plated buffet, and table busing for more than half of what other caterers wanted.  Bottom line, if you want an open bar, keep your guest full of carbs, otherwise I don’t suggest wearing white.


The Day I married Sean was the most perfectly, pale pink, elegant, outdoor, enchanted glimmering day of my life. Each and every hand that helped from setting up chairs to making my dinner plate was directed and organized by the magic of miss Carrie Traver and her team of absolutely incredible humans.  PureLavish Events is without a doubt, the way to go.  From the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to sleep I was carefree and falling deeper in love because I knew they had it HANDLED!



overall, every detail from the crystal heart-shaped wine cork that was placed in your pink champagne bottle, on our sweet heart table, to the custom lavish invitations made by Blissfully Styled Events that got your guests from A to B, our day was “24 carat magic” (Thanks, Bruno).



People are going to tell you that planning a wedding is the most stressful thing you will do in life, but lets leave that to paying a mortgage.  Planning our wedding was the most incredible and enjoyable thing I’ve ever done, aside from ACTUALLY saying “I DO”.  The magic is in the makeup, and this party is for YOU and your LOVER.  Every single person on your guest list will have an opinion, and 99% of those opinions shouldn’t even make it past your veil.  Nothing else matters but what your see in your vision and what you want the backdrop to be on your day of all days.  Start and end your day  with bubbles, in your glass and in your tub, trust me.  (and maybe some leftovers in the hotel room, don’t forget a fork!)


69 in 80

Fountain Valley Fire Department has put together a team of heros to fight 69 flights of stairs in 80lbs of equipment and gear to raise money for those fighting Leukemia and Lymphoma. Help us by supporting our men in the 26th annual Scott Firefighter Stair Climb, in Seattle, Washington.  Every little bit helps. What a small feat, compared to what the fighters of theses killers battle. 

Donate now

Park City.


First Stop on the #ODonnellsyearoftravel, Park City, Utah.  As Newlyweds Sean and I came to the decision that we had to choose, save for a house, or see the world.  We’ve chosen the world. Yeah, we’re going to save for a house, and have a baby… but only after we spend a summer in Europe and jet set a few places.  On the couch and glass of cab number 2, one night, we decided to start in Utah.  This simple weekend warrior trip was spent visiting family, and sailing through the snow (Sean on his feet, me on my face).

img_6184Let me tell you, these Utah natives have got one thing figured out, CHILI! My cousin Lindsay (our inspo for going to PC) took us to lunch at a local cafe and Deer Valley Chili quite literally jumped off the menu to both Sean and I. After lunch Linds gave us the lay of the land and showed us around town.  I’ll Spare you the rest of my “we ate here” and “we went to the museum”, bah blah blah and skip straight to Friday night.

img_6248Friday night we got the VIP treatment at the Deer Valley Freestyle World Cup of Skiing, but not before Sean got to feel the rhythm, as he went barreling down the Olympic bobsled course with a pro at the  wheel (or however it is they steer).  65 MPH and close to 4 G’s Sean got the experience of a lifetime at Utah’s Olympic Park.

img_6265img_6289Saturday brought with it all sorts of fun.  My excitement of getting to snowboard on “powder” as opposed to the “fake” snow I’ve been experiencing (eye roll) was trumped by my nerves of not having snowboarded on (any sort) of snow in 2 years.  Fast forward to about 2:00pm and my ass has never been more sore, and I have leg burn that could start a forest fire.  Naturally, 500 feet from the bottom of the mountain I managed to catch an edge, punch myself in the chest on my way to my face (sat up faster than you can say, Park City) then proceeded to fall flat onto my back where I woke up hyperventilating, what felt like an hour later.  Post, blackout I realized I was down in confidence and my phone.  When  dooms day was over and we made it back to the house I proceeded to slip (thank you socks and underarmour) and slide down the stars into the basement where I crawled to the bed and let the flood gated open. Seriously!? Don’t worry my luck changed as the sun went down.

IMG_6274.JPGAt dinner that night some sweet, sweet stranger texted Sean saying he had my phone and it was returned safely.  Thankfully, I am re-united (and it feels so good) with my phone but my ass is purple and it still hurts to breath. Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

All in all, Park City is absolulty gourgeous and I’d go back (for the chili) anytime! They are still missing the ocean and I didnt see any sand, but ill give it to them, they’ve got winter undercontrol.


Dirty Talk

Ok, Last time we talked I told you all about Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products. Although I do in fact really like her products, Mrs Meyer’s day isn’t as “clean” as I thought.  Apparently, these products have added fragrances, which depending on which review you read, may as well be listed as chemical X.  So, I apologize for steering you wrong, but I will say, it’s probably better than what you were using before…baby steps.  Naturally, I went gung-ho and bought all kinds of refills for the bottles I already had, so I will be using such products for at least another month or two. Whoops!

There are a few things that I changed and are actually making me feel cleaner already.  After downloading the app Think Dirty (shop clean) and coming to the conclusion that I was washing and rubbing myself head to toe in 10/10 ranked cancer and infertility, I wanted to give my shower a makeover.  The app will give you a ranking on the products you already use from 0-10 on a toxicity scale and let you know which ingredients are the most horrible for you.  Someone asked me, “well, how accurate is it?”  Honestly, I don’t know, but its a good place to start. The app will give you alternative suggestions to try, so even if it isn’t totally accurate, its something to go by and somewhere to start.  While I am still on the hunt for a clean facial cleanser, I have successfully switched my shampoo and conditioner as well as body wash over to The Seaweed Bath Co products and so far, so good! I will of course keep you in the loop as I find new treasures.

On a totally unrelated topic, Sean left for Breckinridge, Colorado on a boy’s trip last Thursday and let me tell you, boy’s trips are for the birds! Maybe it was because I had a sinus infection, or because I was PMS-ing, or maybe because our puppy seems to turn into a monster when he isn’t home, or because I couldn’t breath, or because I was jealous that he was on vacation and I wasn’t but let me tell you, those were 6 days I don’t want to re-live.  Anyone in for a Girls trip? While he was gone; I managed to wake up two nights in a row in an absolute panic because I couldn’t breath (enter sinus infection), Our dog literally had a mental breakdown and barked at me for 4 straight days, I bloated to the size of a Macy*s day parade float, we had the worst storm on the century, our house nearly floated away (I’m not even being dramatic) and the dryer broke.  Sean comes home, (bearded and sexy) literally stares at the dryer and its fixed, Gypsy is back to a sleepy, sweet puppy girl and he bought me a new Michael Kors wallet, passport case and luggage tag.  If you didn’t believe me when I told you he was a glitter spraying unicorn before, I’m sure you do now.  Robot, I married a robot.

Now you know…Mrs. Meyer’s is a dirty girl, Sean is home, the sun is out, and my shower is clean (at least the products in it are). All is well again. Let’s talk soon.

It’s all Hullabaloo

Two wrongs don’t make a right. (supposedly) So, If I bleach my hair, and my shower, nothing good is going to come of it.  I have come to the conclusion that there has got to be some sort of compromise here.  There is no way I’m going back to ashy taupe hair, so I’ve got to make some changes in other places.  Bleaching my hair stays (I’m not totally off my rocker), but I can at least lessen my chances of toxic waste poisoning and cancer, right?

Call it a quarter life crisis but with this new year, some new feelings and worries have come about in some of my usual “old faithfuls”.  When it comes to health around the house, in and on my body (Sean not included) I am making baby steps to educate and encourage myself to enhance the healthy-ish lifestyle I already live.  You are already rolling your eyes at me, I know, but if cancer surrounded you like it does me, trust me you’d be throwing away all your plastic cups too.  Plastic, this brings me to not the 1st, but second change I am making, ill explain in a minute.

I did it, I bought the Young Living Essential Oil starter kit and I’m ready to inhale some goodness.  I’m guessing I just got another eye roll, so just hear me out.  I have been told over and over again that “it’s all a mind game, and none of that stuff works”.  Well the fact that I didn’t want to barf on my way to Big Bear this year and I cleared up a cold sore and a monster pimple in less than 24 hours, all thanks to the hullabaloo of essential oils, I don’t care what you think.  If it’s all in my head, then at least I’ll be under the impression that I’m thinking clearly with a clear face and balanced equilibrium.  I have been plagued of itchy, dry, eczema ridden, ring worm infested skin since I was little.  After just 3 days of tea tree oil on my recent bout of ring worm, I am cleared up and can go back to short sleeves at the gym. Do you need more examples, I could keep going …but lets move on.

So, why am I ditching plastic? Remember when you saw on the news that you shouldn’t leave your water bottle in the hot car because it was poisoning your water, well Exhibit A.  I realized that every time I microwaved (don’t even get me started on my new feelings about the microwave) leftovers in our plastic tupperware, I was essentially boiling the plastic toxins into my food, yummy.  One of the purposes of most essential oils is to help diminish the toxins in your body and if I’m adding EO’s into a plastic water bottle to drink, I’m pretty much defeating the purpose.  In order to not have the EO’s draw all of the toxins out of my water bottle and then just drink them all down, the simple switch to glass was obvious.

Are you still with me? I promise not to push this on you, I’m just playing show and tell. Not only am I avoiding plastics, I’m thinking twice when I make my Target run for the usual Gain Laundry detergent, and 409 cleaner.  Instead of buying the name brands, I have found a line of “clean” cleaning products that actually work and I can still get them at Target (WIN).  Even though you can get all of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products online, I wouldn’t then be obligated to pass through the shoe aisle, and try on 8 different sweaters, and contemplate needing new pillows, and coming home with a new candle, so (Sorry, Sean) I still get to make Target runs.

There are a bunch of different things I want to learn and try within this lifestyle movement (I won’t call it a switch, yet) and If you’ll have me, Id like to let you know what I find.  I’ll tell you the truth when crap really doesn’t matter and the name brand is just fine, and when the extra $3 on organic isn’t necessary, all I ask is that you don’t put me down for making a positive change.  If it works, I’ll share, if it doesn’t, I’ll let you tell me I’m wrong.  Deal? Deal.