The one where we went to Paris

It was raining when we got here, and its chilly this morning. Our last hour in Paris, we’re sitting in a park watching kids sail their tiny boats in the pond and baby ducks scavenge for bugs. It looks like rain, but its said to be done for the day. Its colorful and breezy, a perfect way to finish our coffee and our trip to France.  

When we got here we knew there was a laundry list of things we needed to see and do, 10 miles of walking later, our to-do list had been checked and we had the rest of our stay to drink it all in.  

I always tease Sean for being so into learning the history of things and places and taking the tours. I like to visit places and imagine myself living there and doing as the locals do. Take my time, sip my coffee and wine and just listen. 

Never will there be a time when I walked around Huntington wearing headphone and a receiver around my neck, listening to a guide tell me what used to be. With that being said, marriage is about compromise. So, I put the headphones on and was guided through one of the most interesting and educational tours I could have ever participated in. As we were guided through what once upon a time was the Royal Palace, we saw works of art that have been studied for longer than life and sculptures that were chipped piece by piece from solid blocks into masterpieces. The Louvre tour was truly an experience of a lifetime and I am so glad I wore the headphones and played along. 

The Cathedral of Notre Dame, the river at night, The Eiffel Tower, the chocolate croissants, the macaroons, The Eiffel Tower (worth saying twice) all make Paris magical. 

Last night we cruised the river while we ate appetizers we had no idea what were, and an entrée that made it all better, drank in the scenery and the wine. When the boat turned the corner and the Eiffel Tower lit up the sky, I can honestly say my heart stopped. There are some things you just have to see in person. 

When we got here, I think we were both trying too hard. Trying to make the romance of “Parie” apparent. Once we both took a breath and let it happen, it was all glitter and bubbles from there. 

Here we go, on our way to the airport. 

Au revoir, France! 

Ciao, Italy! 

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