Amsterdam Fine. 

Who knew that one place on our itinerary that we expected to be mediocre totally surprised us. We came to Amsterdam without much of an expectation other than weed and prostitution being legal. While the Prostitutes are pretty, this town is so much more than that. 

A boat cruise through the canals past the old church, the clock towers and the Holocaust history, Amsterdam has more to offer than people let on. The cheese for one thing is out of this world. 

We walked from our hotel to see the windmill in the city and had beers at the local brewery. After we drank, we continued through the neighborhood and wandered the streets. Once we had a good grip on the Red Light District we grabbed bikes and cycled to the Jordaan District. 

The Jordaan district is one for the books, a quiet city town with cafés along the canals. A special treat was meeting up with my sister, Chey’s best friend who lives here with her boyfriend. Having a local on your side is always helpful. The couple took us around and cheers-ed us in quaint cafés and drank the local sips with us. What a town! 

As we sit here at the train station, in route to Paris we cant help but reminisce on the last 2 days as 2 for the books! 

Sad to leave such a gem, but excited to keep on our journey. We will kiss Amsterdam and english goodbye and say bonjour to Paris! 

Cheers to the Netherlands. 

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