So im sitting in the Dublin airport, eating chocolate for breakfast (leave me alone, I’m on holiday) and I realize…I’m wearing white pants (and I’m a very pretty man!… Ignore the reference if you don’t know my brother) I mean, its before Labor day, if that even applies here (doubtful). I’m drinking coffee and eating chocolate so this could go terribly wrong. Anyways, we are leaving Ireland. Last I checked in we were leaving Dublin on our way to up the Coast to the land of the O’Donnells. We have since traveled to Donegal, Galway, Doolin, and the Cliffs of Moher (and everywhere in between). Let me tell you, its like nothing you’ve ever seen before (unless you’ve been here, obvi). Donegal is the cutest little town where you drink all day and need to time your meals right because they only serve food between the drinking hours of always and food from 12:00-9:00pm. I walked the O’Donnell Castle grounds, payed respects to those past at ruins of the Donegal Friary and the cliffs of Sleeve League are something special, even in the rain. After biding farewell to our hosts Patricia and Hughe in Donegal we headed south to Doolin, music county of Ireland. Before we stopped in Doolin we ate and walked along Shop street in Galway and hummed Ed Sheerans “Galway Girl” to our tourist selves.  

Once in Doolin, it was fogged in and cold but we headed for McGanns pup for Irish beef stew and a pint. While we drank our Irish brews we listened to the local musicians join in a jam session as all 5 of them made their instruments sounds like one in the same. 

In the morning after cinnamon Pancakes and a traditional latte we headed (on the left) to the Cliffs of Moher. If you haven’t ever lived on the edge, this is the place to do it. If ever something had taken my breath away it was the kiss Sean gave me on the peak of what felt like the world. Looking over the edge at the ocean was one more reason to believe in God. You can look at our photos all day long but you really wont know the power of this place unless you see it for yourself. 

Yesterday’s oyster shooters were interesting (sean loves them) I had never had one, but the Smithwicks Blonde I chased it with made it all better. Cant say oysters are my favorite but the fact that they are an aphrodisiac may come in handy some day. 

After driving nearly half of the entire country of Ireland, the slice of pizza and Netflix episodes in the airport hotel were a small slice of home that felt just right. 

Amazed by what has been and excited for what’s to come. 

We’re boarding again soon and will meet ya in The Netherlands. Chat soon, in Amsterdam. 

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