Dublin Down.

We’ve done it. The O’Donnell’s have done Dublin and are off to Donegal. It was awesome but like most things in life it came with a few more, “are you fucking kidding me” moments than we would have asked for. Let’s start with our first flight from LAX to Heathrow, London being an hour and a half late, yay. Hour and a half late to Heathrow means landing an hour late too, crap. I will say, that had we landed on time we still would have been in desperate shape considering that the Heathrow airport is the largest cluster fuck I’ve seen this side of Vegas. Trust me, it was an experience in itself, but the “I’m sorry” beer vouchers from the airline gave us a glimmer of hope. 

After re-booking our flight to Dublin, an hour and a half into our one hour layover, we went wheels up. I cant even tell you how deep of a breath we both took when we landed. MADE IT!! Until we remembered that they drive on the left in Ireland and we had to go pick up the car. So we get the car after figuring out how far the “just 200 meters” down the row of cars was, and I get in the drivers seat, I mean passenger. Can I just say, THANK GOD for my husband, because driving a stick-shift left handed on the left side of the road was made to look easy! 

Finally on our way to the AirB&B and naturally we got lost and circled around the building 3 times, but not before getting pulled over for not having any headlights on and apparently its a no, no to turn left on a red light. Who knew! Luckily the officers were incredibly nice, we all had a good giggle at our American expense and we were back on our way. Once we found it I swear we both did the Irish jig we were so happy. Sean grabs the key from under the mat, unlocks the door and…. the door is chained. At this point I think we both almost cried. Did I mention its cold at night here, yeah. So we sat on the porch freezing and pretty much assuming defeat. One of the neighbors came outside who happened to be the husband of our B&B host (angel of a man) and we ended up getting in. Our host basically broke into her own building, and we got to meet our housemate. 

After one of the deepest night sleeps I have had in weeks, and Sean’s 5 minute power nap, it was time to explore Dublin. 

Sean parallel parked the car like a stud, and we headed to brunch at, The Bakehouse. the cutest bakery and diner, just in front of the river. We ate breakfast and then cruised around the Temple Bar district. After walking around a bit we headed to the Jameson Irish Whiskey Distillery. The light in Sean’s eyes as we learned the history of Irish whiskey was something else. History and whiskey in Ireland, his ultimate trifecta! I got to look and learn and pretend to sip whiskey at the tasting, and then finally got my cocktail at the end! 

After whiskey we wandered to lunch. Fish and Chips and a Pint, yum! 

We headed back to the B&B for a nap and more deodorant. Seriously, BO is an issue people. I think smelling everyone else made us self-conscious and hyper aware to where we may be over deodorized that this point. So, I napped, Sean pretended to (no, he hasn’t slept a wink this whole time) and then we walked to a Pub. 

Murray’s Traditional Irish Pub. Live music and dancing, seafood chowder and 2 more rounds of Jameson and Ginger-ale. A perfect ending to the beginning of our adventure! 

All in all, Dublin is a pretty rad cross between LA and San Francisco with a cooler accent! It doesn’t get dark till 10:00pm, so much time for activities! We enjoyed our time in the city, but we are stoked and ready to hit the left side of the road and see the countryside! Tomorrow, it is off to, Donegal. 

Ill keep ya posted as we go, try to keep up! 

One thought on “Dublin Down.

  1. This is so awesome! And you will be so happy that you took the time to write it all down. You make me laugh, I love you!


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