Climate Change.

It’s here. Dirty feet, sweaty legs and sandy sheets.  I truly love all things that are summer.  Speaking of, really fast I want to talk about the gigantic mutated June bug resting outside my door.  I am all about the little orange dog treats but I kid you not, this one looks like something went wrong during hibernation and now it is here upon us to prove something.  But, any who.

My last final has been taken, my “desk” has moved from the couch to the patio and it is time for a climate change.  I’m not only talking about the weather, or politics for that matter (are we serious with that whole debacle?). Im talking about the awkward change in my minds climate.  I went from two weeks ago craving nothing more than to do nothing…”I wish I didn’t have homework to do so I could…(endless possibilities). Today I sat at home all day with not a damn thing in the world to do. Bored out of my flipping mind.  I can only wonder if this is a case of “careful what you wish for”, or go “get a life”.  There is one thing I did today.  I went to (not Nordstrom or the Nike store) but, Shoe City.  Of all places. I felt like I was back to school shopping for the 4th grade, looking for something to hold up on the playground.  Being married to the real life version of Phil Dunphy has (horrifyingly) begun to rub off on me and I bought a pair of so-called “sensible” walking shoes that wont give me blisters on our European walk-about this summer.  The less embarrassing version of this short story is, “I got a super cute pair of Nike’s today!”.  Lets just go with that and forget the rest.

Sean has made it very clear that it needs to be (at least attempted) to only pack one carry on bag each.  5 Countries. 23-days. In Europe. In the summer. 8-hour wine tasting tour in Tuscany, Italy included and this guy wants me to bring one bag.  Lord help me its a damn good thing he is hot! Fret not, I’m already plotting to pull a Joey Tribbiai in (The one where no one’s ready) and wear everything I own on the plane, so I don’t have to actually pack it.  I’ll keep you posted on any other pacing hacks I acquire.

Speaking of that climate change, I’m not going to lie the marine layer and June gloom we’ve had lingering on around here will not be missed when we’re sunning on the sail boat in Barcelona, or wine tasting in sunny Tuscany.  Sorry, Im not meaning to sound show-offy.  But then again, maybe I am. I’ve had a bad case of the womanhood blues this week and maybe I just need to feel superior.  I had a bit of a Jan Brady day (Marsha, Marsha, Marsha).  So there. Im going to Europe, with my sexy husband this summer, and you can’t come. Go ahead, be Jealous.

My glass is empty and I need to let Netflix know that “yes, I’m still watching”.  I hope you miss me, I’ll be back next week to brag about my fabulous shopping party at VICI Collection, stay tuned.

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