Come on, Keto.

Good news, I found my rainbow sandal and both grandpa’s are fighting harder than ever and spit firing feisty comebacks like its nothin’.

Speaking of heart issues, ill save the bleeding love story for later, but lets talk about the actual beat of my heart.  Gramma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and even some of my friends have heart issues.  Again, I’m pretty much pre-disposed to be diagnosed as a walking time bomb, which is why I’m taking charge now.

I told you before that I watched a documentary that told me how products that don’t meet the standards of FDA in China (things like Baby shampoo), for having too many dangerous chemicals are shipped to America to be sold on the shelves as “Approved”.  WTF!? So that’s partially where my, no more lotion, coconut oil slathering, essential oil covered, aluminum free deodorant-self is coming from there. But I want to chat about steps I’ve been taking to better myself on the inside. And I’m not talking about emotionally, that’s a whole other doctor’s appointment.

One of my best Gal’s introduced me to this (I don’t wanna call it a diet) way of eating that made absolutely zero sense to me at first. The Ketogenic Diet.  I will admit that at first the fact that she adopted these eating habits to better her health, but she shed pounds like melting butter, was the most appealing.  So that is honestly why I wanted to try it.

Welcome to the world of Keto.  When your friend tells you that you can lose weight while eating bacon with cheese and sour cream on top as much as you want, you tend to listen.  After she explained the basics to me it started to make sense.

As I understood Keto (At first, I have since done lots of research and understand in much more depth now) is that when you deprive your body of simple-carbohydrates (Bread, pasta, pizza, everything wonderful in life) and Sugar, that your body then has nothing left to burn but fat, hence the weight loss.

The example I like to use is this.  Think of it this way, you make a huge breakfast.  Pancakes, eggs, bacon, the works.  When you fry the bacon, afterwords the grease in the bacon pan is going to sit there and harden and I’m sure you’ve been told “That is what it’s doing in your arteries”. Which is correct. The reason this is what is happening in your arteries is because by the time your body has a chance to even think about digesting that pancake, the bacon has already paid first and last months rent and has settled in for the long haul.  When you eat the pancake, its gong to take your body an extreme amount of effort to turn that pancake (simple-Carb, and I won’t even get into the fact that the flour you used to make that pancake has BLEACH in it!) into glucose and then for your body to start using it as energy. This is why some athletes will “Carb Load” the night before an event.  Eat a ton of carbs, sleep on it, then burn it all of the next morning.  Well, for those of you who aren’t Michael Phelps, I can guarantee you that you aren’t burning off that entire pancake by the time lunch rolls around and you eat a sandwich on a french roll and start this process over again.  Lets say that you skip the pancake and simply just have the bacon.  Your body is going to burn that bacon fat off (instead of the sugar in the pancake) while it’s still hot and liquid, leaving no time or room for it to sit and harden in your arteries.  Moral of this long-winded example, if you cut the carbs, your body is going to burn fat instead and not only will you not be clogging your arteries, you’ll be shedding the extra bloat, water retention and painful belly aches after every meal.

So now that I’ve got you thinking about bacon, ill let you know about my journey this far.  At the beginning of the year I stepped on the scale and nearly had a heart attack (probably because I had pancakes the day before).  The number on the scale was so incredibly high that I was in true denial.  I am not one to weigh myself a whole lot but after seeing countless photos of myself where my reaction was “Omg, Ew” I thought I should maybe check-in.  I have a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, which pretty much means that I paid thousands of dollars for people to teach me about the human body and how to keep it upright and moving. I know what to do, I just needed a jumpstart and some motivation.  Something needed to change. My friend recommended that I try out her gym, OrangeTheory, and I have been obsessed ever since.  I started going just once a week and made it my Friday morning ritual.  A few months later Keto came into my life and I have since upped my OrangeTheory workouts to three times a week.  In a matter of months, I have lost 13lbs and finally feel so much better about myself and just better in general.

I told you this was going to be a story all about how my life got flipped…. sorry, I got caught up.  But seriously, this is about how Keto is going to help you live a longer life and not become a victim of heart attack.  Since you have been brain washed into believing that you should eat whole grain pasta instead of a juicy steak for dinner, I highly suggest your read this article, written by a heart surgeon who admittedly states, he was WRONG! Even if you don’t want to eat Keto, a doctor admitting to being wrong, that’s enticing enough in itself.  So don’t take my word for it, go on, read it.

Lets chat later over sourcream and sharp chedder.

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