I am Orange County born and San Diego Brewed.  Huntington Beach shaped me, and North County SD perfected me.  At the moment I am somewhere in-between, and its a good place to be, for now.  My Husband is my King, and never did I ever think that such a guy could work such magic on me.  I was raised by parents who have been in love since high school, and brothers who taught me how to hold my own, not only on the playground but in life.  The blessings I’ve been given are more than any one person deserves, and sometimes I wonder if Im doing this life justice.  I always have something to say, but won’t always say it.  My hair is probably in a bun and my glasses are sliding off my nose, there is never enough coffee in my cup and I’m literally counting the minutes until its acceptable to open up my wine fridge.  I try to keep the fridge stocked with healthy foods and keep up on my cardio (Ha!).  When your husband is as hot as mine, I swear its an added expense to your personal upkeep to ensure that you aren’t “the not hot enough for that guy, girl”.  As, Ive said before my puns are always intended and if I could just have 5 more minutes of sleep I’m sure I could rule the world.  Im convinced that being a blonde is the secret to being happy, and as long as my eyebrows look good, we’re sweet. Here I am and here we go.