Rome, ’cause we want to. 

To the girl at the airport who I barley grazed in the arm with the plastic bin at security, and acted like I punched her in the face…Its not even 8:00am and I haven’t had coffee yet, I seriously don’t have time for you to be fragile. While I’m at it, the lady who walked right past the line for the bathroom and took it upon herself to make sure all the stalls were occupied, you can take a seat as well. I swear I’m not here to complain, Europe is amazing but their lack of gigantic american sized coffee has left me flat and drinking 85 shot glasses of “americano” a day ain’t doin’ it. 

Now that ive given you my daily dose of cynicism, ill brag about my trip to Rome. 

I can honestly say that thus far, Roma has my heart! Its a big city with small town feels. The streets smell like marinara and no one wakes up till 10:00am. (If they had coffee, i’m telling ya, this would rival home) From the first night to the last, every day was filled with fresh pasta, some amazing pesto pizza thing, wine, Peronis, and focaccia for days. Oh and the canolies are worth the trip. Seriously, Ive never put anything better in my mouth. 

We toured the Palenytine, the Roman Forum and the Colosseum. I sat on the steps of the Pantheon where the Roman gods were once worshiped (Thank you Dr. L for making me give a damn). We saw more of the “Good Pope” than we wanted too in St. Peters Basilica (seriously, he’s in a glass coffin and no one warns you) 

Im not going to lie to you. I could have done without the 3 and a half hour tour of the Vatican museum. The Sistine Chapel was…dare I say it, OK, but getting to see St. Peters at the end was a nice finally. The largest Catholic church in the world and let me tell you, its quite spectacular. If Italy knows anything, its food and how to show off with a Church. 

Yesterday, we cruised the streets and then drank ourselves hungry. I taught the bar tender how to make a Moscow mule and Sean threw him for a loop with a Jameson and ginger. 5 drinks later we munched the free appetizers and then wandered off to find dinner.  

After we stuffed ourselves to the brim once more, we were back to the room to re-roll everything in our bag and make room for the treats we bought. The game of Tetris we’ve played before each flight has been interesting. (And our bag is still too heavy by the way). 

So, here we are, in route to Barcelona, with a shot of coffee in us and thats about it. Its our last flight before we fly home. Im sad to say goodbye to Italy and all its glitter but stoked beyond to put my bikini on (the bottoms anyway) and say Hola to España! 

See you there! 

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