Leave us (Barc)alona! 

Oh Barcelona. My feelings about you are so mixed. Its been established that my main goal of this trip was to eat my face off, and I hate to say this (I know some of you will disagree) but my inner foodie was left feeling neglected. I wont say that the food wasn’t good, ill just say that it wasn’t my taste. So after we get to our Air BnB, which was, cozy for lack of a better term, we wandered to Las Rambles street and then turned right back around. We got close enough to realize there was a gigantic protest going on in the streets and decided to bounce. Peaceful or not, the massive crowd was not exactly comforting. The first thing every one told us about this town was to watch out stuff and in crowds, you’ll get pick pocketed. Not wanting to get lost in the crowd (strike one) day one, it was Sangria to the rescue! We found a bar and sipped the rest of the day away. You’ll find as I go on that “sipping” was sort of our theme for Barcelona. 

With sand on the brain (and humidity on the hair) we spent the whole next day at the beach, strolling the boardwalk and sunning our buns. (yes mom, I kept my top on) After we dipped in the Mediterranean we posted up at the bar again and drank daiquiris and watermelon bags till our lips went numb. This day was a success! 

Strike 2 was when we walked to see the famous Parc de Montjuic fountain, and found it lacking splash since it only preforms Wednesday-Sunday. (ugh, Monday) so, as you guessed, beers in the park it is was! 

We visited the massive Cathedral, Sagrada Familia and then climbed what seemed more like a mountain (in the 86% humidity) to the Guell Park which was beautiful and wild. Once the rain came (thanks again humidity) we headed back to the metro to catch our sailboat tour up the coast. Said sailboat tour was what we had looked forward to the entire trip and glorified in our heads to be what we would call “the best day of our trip” when we got home. 

When we got to the Marina we stopped for sangria and wifi to double check our meeting time for the boat. Instead of a meeting time we got a sweet little cancelation notice instead. Strike 3. Not wanting our last day to be ruined we tried to make the best of it and hit the beach instead, until it started pouring rain. Being the troopers we are we thought, whats a little rain, its hot as hell anyways… until the thunder rolled and lightening struck. And back to the bar we went! 

So after 3 days of bummer, we cant say that Barcelona was our favorite, but we also cant say it’s the pretty city’s fault. Barcelona is beautiful and has so much to offer, but at this point, we just really miss our dog and our coffee pot, so its time to go home. 

See you for an over nighter in Madrid, then straight on through till home!!!

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