SEX…and Paleo

I wrote this a while back, but I’m not ashamed to admit that my California burrito eating, pasta loving, wine drinking self has once again, taken over and its time for a re-vamp. Here’s to taking my own advice and re-tracing my steps.

Having seen every episode of Sex and the City before the age of 17, I have always liked to consider myself a Carrie (don’t we all).  Strong, confident, smart, and seemingly unaffected by bull shit until behind the comfort of her computer screen, where the BS becomes less “real life” and more “work related”  (or at least until sunday breakfast with the girls).

Being a Carrie, I seem to be the one that everyone comes to with pressing questions: should I sleep with him, should I call him again, what should I wear, and which diet should I do? Honestly, I don’t believe in diets. What a load of crap! I refuse to let some idiot with a marketing degree tell me that if I drink a milkshake twice a day instead of actually eating that Ill be in the best shape of my life in 90 days.  Lets get real here.  Being healthy comes with a lot more baggage than people like to admit.  Its Hard, and by hard I mean, passing college chemistry, hard! I should know, I took it 3 times.  With a Degree in Kinesiology, I seem to be the go to girl with questions about getting fit quick.  To be honestly, its not a quick process. drinking spicy lemonade for a week straight or only eating cabbage soup is in no way, shape or form going to get you anywhere near looking like Adrianna Lima…EVER.
Step one:  Be realistic. Saying that you are going to go from your “California burrito at 2am on the way home from the bar” lifestyle to a completely organic, lettuce eating, water drinking, life of lemons overnight is just absurd.
Having done countless reports and research on different “diets” I have come to the conclusion that a diet isn’t the answer.  The answer is a change in lifestyle.  A lifestyle that includes commitment to a long term relationship.  You can still be a Carrie on the streets, but a Charlotte in the kitchen.  Were not looking for a one night stand or a quick fix, (enter Samantha), but a whole hearted, dedicated and committed relationship mimicing that of Charlotte and Harry.  Yes, Charlotte is a woman of the city, who indulges every once in a while, but always goes home to her loving husband (enter PALEO!)
There is no truth to me telling you that I decided yesterday that I jumped on the paleo wagon and my kitchen is now full of organic fruits and un-refined sugars.  I won’t lie to you, we just met. What I’ve decided is that this lifestyle (its not a diet) is not short-term realistic.  I am not looking to lose 10 lbs in 3 days, I am looking to be healthy and happy, for life.  In the long run, I would like to believe that this plan is realistic to learn, over time.  so here is my game plan:  I have already done a bit of research and with the help of Chey who’s ahead of me on this treck to healthy town, I know the basics.  With that in mind, my next grocery store outings and dinner will be experienced with these basics in mind.  Baby steps if you will.  After I feel like I have conquered the basics, Ill then go on to fine tune my PALEO palette and get serious, all the while keeping in mind that this is a long-term commitment and these things aren’t easy.  Trust me, if I get a hankering for that California burrito, I will eat it…but I will suffer the consequences and learn from my mistakes.  This party girl can’t change her mini skirt but at least I can try to get a new one in a smaller size, and maybe try to order skinny margaritas instead of beer, after all..the college years are over.
So, I invite you to join me on my trip to PALEO town, with hopes of re-locating to the big city for good! .. grab your Manolos ladies, were going out!

2 thoughts on “SEX…and Paleo

  1. Totally agree here. And as one of the people who have gone to you for advice on things from energy pills to shoulder exercises, I can say that you always give honest and useful answers. Love the blog! Keep it up


  2. Love me a good blog! Very clever, fun and lighthearted! Nothing makes me happier than a good play on words! Love it girly!! Keep up the good work!!


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