He Landed in my Lap.

The first Ferre’ Family Vaca, Where “SEAN11” was born. Summer 2009


You might know the story already, but I’ll tell it again.  As you know, I am obsessed with my super hot husband and seriously still don’t believe how we met.

On April 8, 2009, my parents, grandparents, older brothers, friends, cousins, the whole 9 met at the infamous InCahoots line dancing bar, in Fullerton to celebrate the baby girl finally turning 18!  My brother, Cameron had been going to said place for months and always came home raving about how much fun it was.  Naturally, I begged and begged to go with him but being the ripe age of only 17, Tam (Mama, for those of you who aren’t lucky enough to know) said no.  So, having turned the magical number the Sunday before, that Wednesday it was ON! Cowboys, country music, and my favorite kind of celebration…ME! Being an April baby, not many of my friends had turned 18 yet, so we scrounged up a fake, and  somehow snuck Trish in too, I needed a wing woman.

After getting carded for the first time I walked through the doors of what seemed like Heaven at the time.  COWBOYS. EVERYWHERE. While the rest of my family hit the bar (Yes, I was the DD on my own birthday) I wandered my way around through the crowd.  Cameron, being the gent’ he is, pushed me around the dance floor and showed me the ropes, and I was in like Flynn.  Hooked for life.  As Im sitting at the table with everyone, I mentioned (apparently out loud) how baffled I was by the amount of cute guys in the room.  Remember, 18th birthday, give me a break. #boycrazy …Enter, Tim.

Better known as Timmy, my (like) older brother, returns with “well, which one do you want?”.  Without hesitation I point to the tall drink of water wearing a RVCA t-shirt and cowboy boots, the perfect combination of surfer boy and stud, and say “THAT ONE!”.  To my horror, (secretly, I welcomed it) Tim walks straight over and taps my pick of the litter on the shoulder and says, “hey man, you know the TushPush?” For those of you who don’t know the TushPush, it’s essentially a birthday lap dance that InCahoots had become famous for.  Chairs lined up in the middle of the dance floor where each birthday girl had a seat and gets grinded on for the entirely of the song.  YES, PLEASE!

Having clearly chosen a winner, Tim is answered with a hesitant, “ummm, yeah?” while Tim then proceeded to explain that him himself was not hitting on him, but had a birthday girl wish a specific wish.  A deal was made, and a match was met.  Tim, like the royal gesture he is, presented me (and my embarrassed red face) with my handsome cowboy prince, Sean.

Come time to actually preform, the TushPush, and being the good sport he is, Sean pulled out the full monte, took his shirt off and everything.  Did I mention my dad was there? And just like any fairytale goes, we danced the night away with stars in our eyes.  In the awkward small talk that is, bar convo, Sean asked if my birthday was actually that night, I answered with “no, it was last Sunday”. “April 5th?”, he asked.  I instantly thought it was kinda random that he knew the date of last sunday off the top of his head, but what came next was clearly a pick up line. “Thats my birthday, too!” …YEAH, RIGHT! But no, seriously, it is, we have the same birthday, him 2 years older.

Before leaving the heavenly place that would soon become my second home, I had gone to thank Handsome Prince Cowboy for making my night, he asked for my number (Score) and having taken my DAD’S advice, I had already written it down for him (Nailed it).  I got in the car and called Kathryn (fast forward 7 years), my Maid of honor, and told her, “Pick out your dress, I found the one I’m going to Marry.

And the rest is historic glitter and sunshine.  ❤

The Day we Said, “I DO” May 7, 2016 



One thought on “He Landed in my Lap.

  1. It is such an awesome story. I love it! Every time I hear it, it makes me smile and think “I can’t believe my little brother gave a strange girl a lap dance!” But I’m so glad he did, cause you are his happy ending. Love you, girlie!


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