Peaceful Easy Feelings.

I have a fieldwork analysis, a SOAP note to write, and a quiz to study for, but I’m here instead. Its the end of October and nearly 100 degrees outside. So, here I sit, in the sun. Lets chat.
I wanna let you in on a couple secrets. The beach in the winter, the ocean when it rains, and NYX lipstick. (Among other things)
If you aren’t from around here, you may not know just how annoying the beach can be in the summer.  But on days like today, when the school bells ring, and the 91 fwy traffic reverses, that us beach people can finally find peace in the sand.  Its 85 degrees 3 feet from the water, and not a soul who doesn’t belong in sight. A peaceful reminder of why living in California is 2nd to none. I know there is a lot to see in the world (stay tuned for our Europe trip in July) but I honestly don’t know if I could ever survive anywhere but here.  If you haven’t seen it, the ocean when it rains is one of the most magical spectaculars of them all.  Its almost as if, the waves take a break and let the sky have a turn. Things settle and turn up all at the same time and in someway its satisfying and terrifying all at once.
So there are my peaceful easy feelings, now lets move on…
There is that butterfly feeling I get when I walk out of a M.A.C store with my matte black bag and a new lipstick in tow, BUT something you may want to know, NYX Matte Lipstick, that I get for 6 bucks at Target, is comparable or even, dare I say it… better! So much cheaper, and I can guarantee compliments on your lip pop.
While I’m at it, lets talk about the NYX eyebrow powder. Comes with an awesome salve to lay down the wild hairs, and the angled brush it comes with is the perfect size to shape with one swipe!

I also cant live without the Rosebud Salve I get from my mothership, NRFB. I know its lip balm, but I use it for rogue eyebrows and dry skin too.

When I having a glass of my Monte De Oro, Petite Syrah (not my usual Cab, but I switch it up for special sips) I cant bare pouring the bottled gold into anything other than my “Olivia Pope” glasses, (enter giant Popcorn bowl, and plush white house coat) from Crate and Barrel.

If you have been to our bungalow, you’ve seen and smelled the collection of lighted fragrances.  My current fave is the one my beloved Soulmate (not Sean, the other one, Tai) brought me. Its simple, from Marshall’s , but special with a wooden wick, making it crackle and pop, genius. My other obsession is the Indiana hand dipped, Warm Glow on our end table, if it wasnt on fire, id probably eat it.

So here are a few of my favorite things.. if there is something you aren’t telling me, you should re-consider how you treat your friends. We can’t share boys, because this isn’t high school, but let’s share secrets.

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