Wait, Who?



                 Mrs. Tay(Ferre) Ann O’Donnell St. Lucia, 2016       

Whats my name again?

I never wanted a sister, I’ve told you that. I don’t need one, I have 2 big brothers that were more than capable of mending my broken hearts, and teaching me how to hang, all the while never having to share my clothes. Why would I want someone who would steal my crap and possibly be prettier than me!? No. But any who, I love my big brothers. Having said that, I take extreme pride in being a Ferré. My parents are rad, my brothers are too legit, and I like being part of that… Oh yeah, and I’m the only girl and I’m a Princess. (Hair flip)

THEN I went and married handsome cowboy prince Sean and things got weird. Suddenly, I’m an O’Donnell? We all know how GaGa I am for my hubs so let me get one thing straight… I am an O’Donnell and proud of it! I mean look at the guy, and you’ve met him (I recommend it if you haven’t) he’s like some sort of merman unicorn who sprays glitter on fires and cooks! Bottom line, I love being Mrs. O’Donnell. But this brings me to my point.

I’m 25 years into this life, and for those 25 years I’ve been Tay Ferré.  So now, I’ve got to fill out all this paperwork, and write my name on school work, and sign credit card receipts and tell people who I am and Im like… “Taylor FeeeeeO’Donnell” I think people are starting to think I have a stutter. (If you do, call me, I know a bunch of speech therapists)

I blame Danielle, she let me in on this blessing of a secret called HitchSwitch which makes it all too easy to change your name. You really need to look into it, its genius. But now I seriously don’t know who the hell I am.  Am I supposed to like change my style too? God, I hope not, because I’m not gonna lie, I like myself.  I mean… id be friends with me.

I like to think that Mrs. O’Donnell is the best version of Tayferre, so lets stick with that. I might still be @tayferre on Insta (@tayO’Donnell, doesn’t rhyme) and let’s be real, ill ALWAYS be a Ferré, we’re just too legit to quit. So I going to claim both, and just keep a thing of white-out with me for when I screw up paperwork.
It may take me 25 more years to spell O’Donnell (two N’s and two L’s… no F) but that’s ok, it wont ever get old being married to Mr. O’Donnell.  (yes, that was a Coyote Ugly reference)
If you are engaged, I know like half of you are or might as well be… maybe start practicing your new “sign and print” because trust me, you will mess it up.
My coffee cup is empty, I’ve gotta go, lets talk later!

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