I’m seriously not even sure what day it is.  Ill just call it “Somday”.  The past 6 days have been quite the run around.  I managed to survive.  I’m sorry, I know you were worried (eye roll).  I hope you have stock in Starbucks because I absolutely made you some money this week. You’re welcome.  Im not sure why but my teachers decided to have everything possible due and chose to give tests in every class this week.  In between homework and scantrons, I managed to have dinner with my grandparents, adopt a puppy, attend a Halloween party and take my mom to the hospital.  Like I said…what day is it? Forgive me for typos, and run-ons, I haven’t decided what I wanna talk about yet…

Lets start with Tam.  Most importantly, she is ok.  In the midst of a vampire hunt, me being the vampire, a cocktail in and Sean chasing me around the party in a blonde wig (Buffy, attempting to slay) Brico calls in a panic because Tam hit the floor and things got weird. Here I go, in boss mode. (Apparently I’m bossy and yada yada, I’m in charge now.)  Considering Sean and I both, in one way or another, work at Hoag Hospital, we made a pit stop, I washed the blood off my face and Sean flipped his wig (yep, I meant that one, too).  So we get there, clean faced and wasted (him, not me) Tam is looped, and we’re all worried.  We’re at Hoag so naturally the Housewife Daughter is working, and I’m trying not to stare and I pull the “let me do it, I work here” and suddenly we’re admitted.  A one night stay at Hotel Hoag later and Tam goes home… Long story short, we have no Idea.  Tam, is OK!

Now that we know Tam is ok, lets move on.  WE BOUGHT A ZOO! just kidding, WE GOT A PUPPY! Well, we’re getting a puppy.  We MET her on Friday.  Sweet fur baby girl is everything I didn’t think I wanted.  After debating on getting a dog for the past 2 years and a few google searches later, Gypsy is coming home on Wednesday.  Do we have time for a puppy? No.  absolutely not. But hey, we have a good home to give, and I like to cuddle.  Did I mention she is so damn cute.  Poor thing was left for dead, drinking puddles and eating God knows what in Bakersfield of all places. No one deserves to live in Bakersfield, not even a dog.


I’ve always known that at some point, all dogs go to heaven, and usually before their time at shelters, but I never actually thought about it until looking for a pup and seeing the words “KILL DATE” listed next to the photos.  Are you even kidding me!? A human is going to kill a fur ball just because they marked the calendar?  STOP. So, no breeders allowed, we will do what we can and save a sweet baby from their pre-mature expiration date.  Our baby girl Gypsy was rescued, from a kill shelter (who found her as a stray), by Fur Baby Rescue in LA.  So not only was Gypsy saved from the streets of Bakersfield, she was saved from a God forsaken kill shelter, and then from the heart of the LA ghetto.  Yes, I mean South Central.  Wednesday morning our traveling Gypsy will come to her forever home, where she will meet her two older shell brothers, we have turtles, Phill (two L’s because Phil with one L “ran away”) and Tod, and live happily ever after with us.

I’ve never been one to think I would be a crazy dog lady, but we have already spent unmentionable amounts of money on toys, special shampoo, pee pads, a state of the art leash, and a number of unnecessary necessities on said fur child and she’s not even here yet.  We’ve gone fur crazy.  Just promise me one thing, If I start buying things for the house that have paw prints or corny sayings about not drinking alone because the dog is home, smack me.  I promise my house won’t ever smell like pee and i’ll lint roll you before you leave, hold me to it.


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