Park City.


First Stop on the #ODonnellsyearoftravel, Park City, Utah.  As Newlyweds Sean and I came to the decision that we had to choose, save for a house, or see the world.  We’ve chosen the world. Yeah, we’re going to save for a house, and have a baby… but only after we spend a summer in Europe and jet set a few places.  On the couch and glass of cab number 2, one night, we decided to start in Utah.  This simple weekend warrior trip was spent visiting family, and sailing through the snow (Sean on his feet, me on my face).

img_6184Let me tell you, these Utah natives have got one thing figured out, CHILI! My cousin Lindsay (our inspo for going to PC) took us to lunch at a local cafe and Deer Valley Chili quite literally jumped off the menu to both Sean and I. After lunch Linds gave us the lay of the land and showed us around town.  I’ll Spare you the rest of my “we ate here” and “we went to the museum”, bah blah blah and skip straight to Friday night.

img_6248Friday night we got the VIP treatment at the Deer Valley Freestyle World Cup of Skiing, but not before Sean got to feel the rhythm, as he went barreling down the Olympic bobsled course with a pro at the  wheel (or however it is they steer).  65 MPH and close to 4 G’s Sean got the experience of a lifetime at Utah’s Olympic Park.

img_6265img_6289Saturday brought with it all sorts of fun.  My excitement of getting to snowboard on “powder” as opposed to the “fake” snow I’ve been experiencing (eye roll) was trumped by my nerves of not having snowboarded on (any sort) of snow in 2 years.  Fast forward to about 2:00pm and my ass has never been more sore, and I have leg burn that could start a forest fire.  Naturally, 500 feet from the bottom of the mountain I managed to catch an edge, punch myself in the chest on my way to my face (sat up faster than you can say, Park City) then proceeded to fall flat onto my back where I woke up hyperventilating, what felt like an hour later.  Post, blackout I realized I was down in confidence and my phone.  When  dooms day was over and we made it back to the house I proceeded to slip (thank you socks and underarmour) and slide down the stars into the basement where I crawled to the bed and let the flood gated open. Seriously!? Don’t worry my luck changed as the sun went down.

IMG_6274.JPGAt dinner that night some sweet, sweet stranger texted Sean saying he had my phone and it was returned safely.  Thankfully, I am re-united (and it feels so good) with my phone but my ass is purple and it still hurts to breath. Beggars can’t be choosers I guess.

All in all, Park City is absolulty gourgeous and I’d go back (for the chili) anytime! They are still missing the ocean and I didnt see any sand, but ill give it to them, they’ve got winter undercontrol.


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