Dirty Talk

Ok, Last time we talked I told you all about Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products. Although I do in fact really like her products, Mrs Meyer’s day isn’t as “clean” as I thought.  Apparently, these products have added fragrances, which depending on which review you read, may as well be listed as chemical X.  So, I apologize for steering you wrong, but I will say, it’s probably better than what you were using before…baby steps.  Naturally, I went gung-ho and bought all kinds of refills for the bottles I already had, so I will be using such products for at least another month or two. Whoops!

There are a few things that I changed and are actually making me feel cleaner already.  After downloading the app Think Dirty (shop clean) and coming to the conclusion that I was washing and rubbing myself head to toe in 10/10 ranked cancer and infertility, I wanted to give my shower a makeover.  The app will give you a ranking on the products you already use from 0-10 on a toxicity scale and let you know which ingredients are the most horrible for you.  Someone asked me, “well, how accurate is it?”  Honestly, I don’t know, but its a good place to start. The app will give you alternative suggestions to try, so even if it isn’t totally accurate, its something to go by and somewhere to start.  While I am still on the hunt for a clean facial cleanser, I have successfully switched my shampoo and conditioner as well as body wash over to The Seaweed Bath Co products and so far, so good! I will of course keep you in the loop as I find new treasures.

On a totally unrelated topic, Sean left for Breckinridge, Colorado on a boy’s trip last Thursday and let me tell you, boy’s trips are for the birds! Maybe it was because I had a sinus infection, or because I was PMS-ing, or maybe because our puppy seems to turn into a monster when he isn’t home, or because I couldn’t breath, or because I was jealous that he was on vacation and I wasn’t but let me tell you, those were 6 days I don’t want to re-live.  Anyone in for a Girls trip? While he was gone; I managed to wake up two nights in a row in an absolute panic because I couldn’t breath (enter sinus infection), Our dog literally had a mental breakdown and barked at me for 4 straight days, I bloated to the size of a Macy*s day parade float, we had the worst storm on the century, our house nearly floated away (I’m not even being dramatic) and the dryer broke.  Sean comes home, (bearded and sexy) literally stares at the dryer and its fixed, Gypsy is back to a sleepy, sweet puppy girl and he bought me a new Michael Kors wallet, passport case and luggage tag.  If you didn’t believe me when I told you he was a glitter spraying unicorn before, I’m sure you do now.  Robot, I married a robot.

Now you know…Mrs. Meyer’s is a dirty girl, Sean is home, the sun is out, and my shower is clean (at least the products in it are). All is well again. Let’s talk soon.

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