It’s all Hullabaloo

Two wrongs don’t make a right. (supposedly) So, If I bleach my hair, and my shower, nothing good is going to come of it.  I have come to the conclusion that there has got to be some sort of compromise here.  There is no way I’m going back to ashy taupe hair, so I’ve got to make some changes in other places.  Bleaching my hair stays (I’m not totally off my rocker), but I can at least lessen my chances of toxic waste poisoning and cancer, right?

Call it a quarter life crisis but with this new year, some new feelings and worries have come about in some of my usual “old faithfuls”.  When it comes to health around the house, in and on my body (Sean not included) I am making baby steps to educate and encourage myself to enhance the healthy-ish lifestyle I already live.  You are already rolling your eyes at me, I know, but if cancer surrounded you like it does me, trust me you’d be throwing away all your plastic cups too.  Plastic, this brings me to not the 1st, but second change I am making, ill explain in a minute.

I did it, I bought the Young Living Essential Oil starter kit and I’m ready to inhale some goodness.  I’m guessing I just got another eye roll, so just hear me out.  I have been told over and over again that “it’s all a mind game, and none of that stuff works”.  Well the fact that I didn’t want to barf on my way to Big Bear this year and I cleared up a cold sore and a monster pimple in less than 24 hours, all thanks to the hullabaloo of essential oils, I don’t care what you think.  If it’s all in my head, then at least I’ll be under the impression that I’m thinking clearly with a clear face and balanced equilibrium.  I have been plagued of itchy, dry, eczema ridden, ring worm infested skin since I was little.  After just 3 days of tea tree oil on my recent bout of ring worm, I am cleared up and can go back to short sleeves at the gym. Do you need more examples, I could keep going …but lets move on.

So, why am I ditching plastic? Remember when you saw on the news that you shouldn’t leave your water bottle in the hot car because it was poisoning your water, well Exhibit A.  I realized that every time I microwaved (don’t even get me started on my new feelings about the microwave) leftovers in our plastic tupperware, I was essentially boiling the plastic toxins into my food, yummy.  One of the purposes of most essential oils is to help diminish the toxins in your body and if I’m adding EO’s into a plastic water bottle to drink, I’m pretty much defeating the purpose.  In order to not have the EO’s draw all of the toxins out of my water bottle and then just drink them all down, the simple switch to glass was obvious.

Are you still with me? I promise not to push this on you, I’m just playing show and tell. Not only am I avoiding plastics, I’m thinking twice when I make my Target run for the usual Gain Laundry detergent, and 409 cleaner.  Instead of buying the name brands, I have found a line of “clean” cleaning products that actually work and I can still get them at Target (WIN).  Even though you can get all of Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day products online, I wouldn’t then be obligated to pass through the shoe aisle, and try on 8 different sweaters, and contemplate needing new pillows, and coming home with a new candle, so (Sorry, Sean) I still get to make Target runs.

There are a bunch of different things I want to learn and try within this lifestyle movement (I won’t call it a switch, yet) and If you’ll have me, Id like to let you know what I find.  I’ll tell you the truth when crap really doesn’t matter and the name brand is just fine, and when the extra $3 on organic isn’t necessary, all I ask is that you don’t put me down for making a positive change.  If it works, I’ll share, if it doesn’t, I’ll let you tell me I’m wrong.  Deal? Deal.


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