Maybe it is because I am watching Grease, but I only use this mug when I’ve got more than tea brewing (Sean can attest). Its a new year and I am feeling inspired. There are a lot of people (some of whom I’ve never even met in person) who bring my creative bubbles to the top, and make me want to write. 

I would not be sitting here typing in the notes section of my over capacity iPhone 6 if it wasn’t for my handsome man and my family (duh) but also the Talented Miss Hannah Hagler of Champagne Lifestyle, Lisa Allen of LunchPails and Lipstick (ok, talk about living THE DREAM), Mom and planner of the year, Carrie Traver of PureLavish Events, and the Sparkle Queen herself, Miss Hayley Paige. These people (without even knowing it) give me more than inspiration but encouragement and drive to do the things my heart feels important. Thank you doesnt even begin cover it.  

I have always wanted to write a blog, but never really had a topic. Fashion, make-up, cooking, fitness. I love it all and could never pinpoint just one thing I was passionate enough to stick to, which is why I didn’t. I am passionate about so much, so why not let you in on all my secrets. In this new year, I wont call it a resolution but a goal. My goal is to pour my heart out, give advice (wanted or not), inspire, motivate and excite you. I am all those things, and you deserve to be too. 

As I lay here and listen to Rizzo sing, just before Danny takes thunder road by storm, I am remembering why I love this movie so much. Laugh, cry, smile, frown, it gives you all of ’em, and that, is the goal. 

We already toasted to the new year, so I’ll leave you with the clink of my tea cup and the (silent) crackle of my gas fireplace. If you need me, I’ll be here desperately searching amazon for red Candies and a black tube top. 

Tell me about it, Stud. 

One thought on “A-Whap-Bam-A-Loom-Ap. 

  1. I feel famous!! Haha!! This is too good, love Champagne Lifestyle! Just started following her!! Keep on writing, it gets my juices flowing in the AM’s!!


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