Home Bodies and House Parties. 

Its 38 degrees outside and Im laying in the tiny bedroom upstairs of my Grandparents cabin. There is something about finishing a year and beginning the next one here. The retro Conair hairdryer in the bathroom and the left over bottle of Skin So Soft that Mamaw brought up no less than 20 years ago makes me feel at home. I cant look out the bathroom window without hearing Mamaw’s voice call to me downstairs and tell me to put my hood on so I didn’t get cold, as she watched Cameron and I play in the snow, while she curled her hair.   There is a lot of pressure that comes with New Years Eve. Pressure to do something fancy, pressure to be dressed in something sparkly, pressure to kiss someone at midnight, just so much stuff you are “supposed” to do. The year I decided to say screw it and came here with family and close friends, we put our Pj’s on and rang in the new year with a blanket of fresh snow and bottle of cheap Champagne, was a game changer. There is no way I’d rather start fresh than with white glitter on the ground and fresh air, (I could live without the inevitable New Year’s day hangover but we cant win ’em all). 

2016 will be a hard year to top. I married the man of my dreams and Im not sure there is anything that will top the bad ass house party we threw to celebrate our vows. Its exciting to see the posts on social media of everyone’s top moments of the year. New Years Eve seems to be the day we all get to re-stoke on the awesome things that happened in the last 365 days and forget about the less than perfect moments. With the strike of the clock we get to start over, but bring with us the moments that got us this far.  

Gypsy is starting a commotion downstairs and the fire is dying. Its about to snow and everyone is pouring their 1st glass of the day. On this over rated and surge-charged uber ride of a night, remember to enjoy the ones you are with, be safe, say a prayer at midnight, and bring on the clean slate! 

Sparkles and Cheers to the coming year! 

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