All my Glitter, in the dirt.

A bunch of my best babes are racking in the bling, and somewhere Bruno Mars is Racking in the residuals.  As you know, wedded bliss from start to finish is my personal favorite and a sort of specialty.  I am a fan of sharing, so I thought I spread some glitter.  Sean and I were married on May 7, 2016, at 4:30 in the afternoon, at my Grandpa’s Home, overlooking the vineyard in Temecula, Ca. Choosing a venue was simple for us because of the sentimental and awe factor of my incredible family home. Built from the dirt up by my Mamaw and Grandpa’s own hands, this property means more to us than any other.  Since the venue was a no brainer, I was able to get down to business on finding dress perfection.  After going to West Hollywood to meet the unimaginably perfect specimen that is, Miss Hayley Paige at JLM Couture Bridal Boutique, It was at Blush Bridal Couture, in Tustin where I said (HELL) yes, to my very own Hayley Paige original couture “STAR” gown.  Hayley, you truly are something of a super nova.



Before we began hardcore planning, Sean and I each sat down and talked about the (really) important details that each of us needed to not be spared.  We are head over heels in love, obsessed with each other and knew we didn’t (NEED) to have the event of the century, but at the same time, knew our love deserved it.


I was raised with the ideals that there is never an excuse for fake flowers, so I knew bouquets and centerpieces were not to be skimped on.  Bloom Babes made every blooming wish I had come true.  Between The Babes and my Auntie, our wedding was in full bloom of May flowers, no thanks to lack of April showers. Sean had his heart set on a “make-it-yourself” whiskey bar, and cigars were to be had.  Aside from the florals, It was really important for me to get ready, at the hands of my personal glam gal, Jade Ricketson of @Hairby_Jade, in the master bathroom where my Mamaw did so many times before. To be able to feel her presence and blessings as I prepared for the day (and man) of my dreams was indescribable.





The vision for what we like to call “The O’Donnell’s Wine Knot” was a little bit of a cake mix.  In a (not so) elegant, natural, dirt covered environment, there was to be crystal cake stands, glitter, shimmer and shine.  There was something about a couture ball gown and a man clad in a Vera Wang, in the dirt of a vineyard before the summer harvest that just tickled me.  I saw a soft pink pallet, with bold kicks of black and white stripe.  Both hard and soft, pale and bold, dirty and pristine.  It might sounds like I wanted one hell of a mess, but trust me, all is fair in love and wedding planning.




A word to the wise, make sure you decide what really matters (your love first and for most) at your wedding, and then chose things that although may be traditional, maybe don’t fit your personal flow.  Pictures are worth more than 1,000 words and last a lifetime so choosing a photographer was another no brainer.  The incredible Nikki Carlson of  Nikki Carlson Photography  had done our engagement shoot (total surprise arranged by Sean) and she was hands down the one we wanted.  A traditional 8 teared wedding cake covered in sucky frosting wasn’t for us, and who really wants to stop dancing to watch someone eat (awkward). We went with 3 “House Cakes” from our local SLICE Deli and Cakery, and of course had Gramma whip up about 6 of her famous “Texas Cakes” to cut into bit sizes.  At a time in the night (if you were there I’m sure you never even knew) Sean and I snuck out of the mosh pit and cut a piece for Nikki to photograph and then straight back to the dance floor we went. No one missed a beat, and everyone got dessert! We have photos to prove it.




Another seriously important thing for us to share with our guests was an open bar. Countless discussions later, we decided to hire out. No muss, no fuss.  When in doubt, have someone do it for you!  Instead of getting our own kegs, and providing all the alcohol, and hiring someone to tend the bar, after all the calculations and logistics, hiring a full service bar was the way to go.  We chose a “soft” open bar that included Beer, Wine, soda, water, cups, napkins, all the other good stuff and ICE! (DONT FORGET ICE) a seriously over looked  detail that you should remember to delegate ahead of time if you choose to man your own bar.


When it came to catering, as good as a $1,000 for a taco man sounded, we knew we didn’t want to eat tacos, while we drank Cabernet on a vineyard.  Somehow the feng shui was off. Again, shopping local venders we found an amazing BBQ catering company (who had a firefighter discount, SCORE). With  Pete’s Firehouse BBQ we got all the fixin’s, including a mouth-watering tri-tip carving station, BBQ chicken, vegetarian options, plated buffet, and table busing for more than half of what other caterers wanted.  Bottom line, if you want an open bar, keep your guest full of carbs, otherwise I don’t suggest wearing white.


The Day I married Sean was the most perfectly, pale pink, elegant, outdoor, enchanted glimmering day of my life. Each and every hand that helped from setting up chairs to making my dinner plate was directed and organized by the magic of miss Carrie Traver and her team of absolutely incredible humans.  PureLavish Events is without a doubt, the way to go.  From the moment I woke up, to the moment I went to sleep I was carefree and falling deeper in love because I knew they had it HANDLED!



overall, every detail from the crystal heart-shaped wine cork that was placed in your pink champagne bottle, on our sweet heart table, to the custom lavish invitations made by Blissfully Styled Events that got your guests from A to B, our day was “24 carat magic” (Thanks, Bruno).



People are going to tell you that planning a wedding is the most stressful thing you will do in life, but lets leave that to paying a mortgage.  Planning our wedding was the most incredible and enjoyable thing I’ve ever done, aside from ACTUALLY saying “I DO”.  The magic is in the makeup, and this party is for YOU and your LOVER.  Every single person on your guest list will have an opinion, and 99% of those opinions shouldn’t even make it past your veil.  Nothing else matters but what your see in your vision and what you want the backdrop to be on your day of all days.  Start and end your day  with bubbles, in your glass and in your tub, trust me.  (and maybe some leftovers in the hotel room, don’t forget a fork!)


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