little full, lot of sap.

Here is the deal, there are 168 hours in a week and about 300 of those hours are spent working or at school between Sean and I both.  You are here reading this, so you know how obsessed we are with each other, and how incredibly indecent it is that there isn’t a designated day of the week just for your lover.  So, in order to reconnect, I bit the bullet and scheduled a day at the spa because lets face it, we don’t really have time to go anywhere far (this week anyway).  In our very own backyard, let me tell you about the not so hidden gem that is the Aarna Spa at Pasea Hotel, in Huntington Beach.


I’ll begin this lesson with telling you that I don’t love massages. Plain and simple, if it isn’t Sean, I don’t want to be touched, just no.  Sean on the other hand, loves them, go figure.  I figured that If I scheduled us a couples massage, at least I’d get to lay next to him and pretend.  Hear me when I say, this was the best massage I have ever had.  The yummy essential oil blends tailed to our likings were like icing on the cake of this full body rub down and every second was heaven.



After 50 minutes of bliss we headed outside to my personal new favorite spot.  The tucked away garden is complete with a gorgeously subtle water feature and fire pits, nestled between the comfy, cozy lounges where we laid hand in hand for a solid hour.  I’m pretty much as California as they come, and let me tell you, no one craves sunshine quite like I do. I laid, with the sun in my face, holding my husband’s hand, for an hour.  Try to tell me I’m not annoyingly spoiled.  I realize I’m over loading you with my casual bragging, but ill continue.


After we ramped up our vitamin D intake for the day, we headed to our separate, secluded spa’s where we relaxed with champagne in the jacoozies, followed by an amazing steam where I’m convinced I sweated out a years worth of alcohol and finished off in the most incredibly jetted, rain shower I’ve ever seen.


As I exited the shower I was informed that my handsome husband was waiting for me at their treehouse bar of Tanner’s restaurant where I met him after I got completely ready with all the house products provided by Aarna.


I know your are ready to book you spa day, and please do, here is the link, Click Me! … But as you do, remember why we did it.  If Sean and I didn’t take advantage of days like this, we’re bound to slide off the door and sink to the bottom with the rest of the wreckage.  Take time to enjoy each other.  We are only in our first year of marriage and we have already been thrown 10th anniversary tests and trials.  “Change the weather, still together when it ends.” There isn’t anything that is ever going to separate me from my man, because we made a vow in front of our families and God, that when we start to slide off the door, were going to reward ourselves with 7 minutes of uninterrupted eye contact.  I know I just threw a lot of strategic movie plots at you but bottom line, love eachother first, stress out later.


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